Tuesday 15 February 2011

Lies and More lies and a Troof

I duz like to fink I am a troothful dog but sumtimes yoo just have to tell lies ezpecially when yoo duz get tagged in anuvver anipals blog like wot I did. http://marleyandlola.blogspot.com/ Dis duz be my pal Marlee wot I duz tweet wiv.
Marlee say I haz to tell sum liez. Four big bold liez and one troof!
There duz be rooles az well:

1. You must proudly display the graphic wot Nayomee haz created. its presence in ower award celebrayshun is crucial to the memetastic process she iz creating here. ( I duzznt no wot Memetastic duz mean but it duz be a nice werd)

2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them haz to be bold-faced lies.

3. You must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that you no.

So ere duz be my liez and troof.

1. Maggie wot de be my sista, duz be trainin for de Pet Ollyimpics az an nice skata.

2. I duz be vry good at swimmin and duz be trainin for de Pet Ollyimpics az a long distance swimma.

3. Evry day I duz have to do washin the clothez for all de familee.

4. When we ave an attempted brake in I duz sleep frew the hole fing.

5. Maggie duz be going evry week to the booty parlor to have her clawz painted.

Der! I bet yoo fink they iz all troo dontcha?

So now I duz have to nomeynate sum furends wor do blog:

1. Anniebella, wot duzznt blog even longa dan me, larst Oktober! And she haz new sista since then. http://anniebella1.blogspot.com/

2. Marfa what duz blog ere:

I cant do any more blogs coz i duzznt reed any uvversI dont fink. Apart from Marlee and I cant nomeynate him.

Ere be the award picshure:

Wednesday 15 December 2010

It's nearly Christmas!

Hello my furends, it duz be nerly a munf since I larst blogged. Mum haz been vry busy getting reddy for Christmas so she hasnt had time to help me type. There duz be a vry nice tree in the corna of the room wiv decorashuns on it. I did fink she had brought me a tree indoors for my peemail cos it was vry cold in the garden larst week when it did snow. But then the oldest teenager did dress it wiv his girlfurend and mum say I musnt pee up it cos I wood be electrocuted. I dont like the sound of that!

Maggie Moo duz be growin up, she will be four munfs old on Christmas day. I hope she dussnt fink that means she will be getting extra presentz!

We did hav an surprise in de post larst week. A packaje did come for me and Moo wot did hav an Christmas card in for uz and two liddle parcels for uz and a card for mum. It duz be from Anniebella and Maisie Daisie. We duzznt be allowed to open our parcels yet, mum say we have to wait. It duz be hard waiting! But we duz say fank yoo to the girls!

We duz be wearin our cotes larst week coz of the snow. It duz be vry deep in Kent, deepest mum had seen it before and some of it iz still here but not much. Dere duz still be some at de park on de parf and the lake is iced up so I cant do no swimming and not even any drinkin! Mum say de snow is comin back and she duz fink it wood be nice for Christmas.

Maggie Moo duz bark when we go to the park. She barks at evryfing includin two wooden badgers wich are in de children's park. I did bark at dem once wen I was liddle but not evrytime I duz see em like she duz! She duzznt be able to jump on the sofur yet so it iz still my liddle domain and I can still see her runnin behind it! She haz learned to climb the stairz alreddy so the staregate is at the bottom of the stairz now.

Dad did buy uz a new bed larst week, coz our uvver one was tatty. We did get an proper bed wot iz made from fleece and duz be vry cozee. We dus use it as wrestlin ring and also Maggie duz put all her toyz in it like a playpen! Moo getz hot in it though and she duz lay on the fireplace insted to sleep.

I fink dat does be all our nooz now. We duz have an nice walk today at de park and we duz be quite tired so we need to have some snoozin time now.

Have a nice Christmas evryone and a Happy Noo Year! xxxx

Tuesday 23 November 2010

It's been a while

It's been a while since I blogged. While I haz been away I have been lerning to spell. Maggie haz bean teaching me and I am getting betta.
Maggie duz be free munfs old now and she duz go on her walkiez wiv me. She duz hav an arness coz she pullz on her leed. Mum duz sey it duz remind er of babiez reinz! BOL. Mum and Dad went to bye er a cote larst week coz the wevver girl sez snow dis week! Mum wanted to bye Moo a nice brown and pink cote wiv pink fur round the coller but dad say no. They did bye her an red ranecote wiv tartan coller but it duz be way too small for er, she duz look like Batdog in it. Mum say Moo will have to wear my old tartan cote but it duz be too big for Moo and she look like she been cuddled up in a tartan rug! But she will hav to lump it, coz one day we did go out in rane and wind and Moo was shivvering when she got in car. Poor Moo.
We duz all call her Moo now, coz mum say she is MooMoo coz she duz daft fings. Like bark at nuffin. She duz also bark at Retrievers and Labradors at park and she duz arsk mum to pick er up wen they cum near but mum sez Moo must get used to dem!
Moo was supposed to be goin to Puppy Party dis week but it duz be cancelled cos the nurse wot do run it duz be leaving. Mum iz sad coz she said it waz good for me larst year and did make me not scared of uvver dogs. Mum say she mite find Puppy training instead.
Moo duz hav favrite gamez and toyz. Er favrite toy iz a ranedear wot did have wooly antlers but she pulled dem off. Her favrite game is hide behind sofa so liddle Hamish can't get er. She duz take toys round dere and hide dem and play wiv dem and I duz stand on the top of the sofa and wotch er. Sumtimez if we are playin she duz run round dere and I duz wate to see whitch end she duz cum out of and she duz cum creepin out but I iz waitin for er and duz pounce on er!
It duz be nice havin Moo ere. She duz like to play lotz of gamez but she duz steel my toyz for erself and take dem round the sofa. She duz growl at me az well but I haz started to growl at er now and she duzznt do it so much.
We duz play in the gardin in the mornins and she duz dig in the sand pit. She duz also elp me dig ole under swingy chair. She duz be good for fings like dat.
Did yoo see the pickture at the top? Maggie's ears are all the way up now and she duz look like proper Westie. She duz be in the woshin machine. Dad did put her in dere but he duzznt start it coz that wood be cruel. He jus take foto.
I duz rite a lot today. I mus stop now coz it duz be nap time for me and Moo.
Fanks for readin!

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Hello I is Maggie May

Hello there to all Hamish's followers. I is Maggie May, Hamish's new little sister. I thought I would introduce myself because I can see he has already written about me. He doesn't spell very well does he? As you can see I am more intelligent because already I am doing my toilet business in the garden and I am only nine weeks old. Mum says Hamish wasn't fully trained until he was about three months old. Well of course I have been copying him and I have seen him do all his business out there in that wilderness the humans say is a garden. So I just do the same and when I do my humans jump up and down and clap and say Yeah, well done Maggie Moo! They are a bit weird.
Even weirder is what they call me. My name is Maggie May but mum calls me Maggie Moo Moo, or Moo, or Moo Moo, or sometimes she calls me Moomin, what the heck is a Moomin?
Mum took me to the vets a couple of days after they brought me home from my old home in London. I lived there with my three brothers and two sisters and my mum, Paris. But two of my brothers left home before I did. When we went to the vets, I was all wriggly but she held me tight in a t0wel and didn't let me down on the ground. She said this was because I hadn't had my jabs yet. I wasn't sure what a jab was but I am very trusting and I know mum wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. We went in to a little room to see Vicki the vet and Vicki gave me a health check. Nearly everything was OK but in one of my eyes I have a thing. It looks like a burst blood vessel but is there all the time, it doesn't hurt me but Vicki said she will keep an eye on it. Anyway, she gave me a treat, it was huge and I did really only sniff it and then there was a little hurt on my back and mum said that was the jab. I guess it was OK but it did hurt a little bit. Mum said I have to have another one on 2 November and then a week after that I can go outside to walk on the pavement. Mum is looking forward to that and has been preparing me for that by buying me a new pink collar and matching lead and walking me round the wilderness with it. I don't like it much but she says it is for my own good.
Last week I learned how to make that loud noise that Hamish makes, barking mum calls it. I am not as loud as Hamish yet but I will be as soon as I grow up I am sure. Then we can do random barking together, what fun it will be!
I know that Hamish says he is patient with me but he does get a little cross with me sometimes. I take all his toys away from him and his bones and he tries to take them back again but I growl and bark at him to show him whose boss. I don't know why he thinks he is in charge! He has just started to growl back at me, so maybe he is in charge a little bit. I'll let him think that for a while.

I expect Hamish will let me write on HIS blog again soon, but I think that is enough for now, my little paws are tired.

Sunday 17 October 2010

A week wiv my noo sista

I duz be livin wiv Maggie May for a week now and let me tell you, she duz get rite on my nerves sumtimes! I duz be havin snooze on the sofer or on my bed and she duz rush up to me, and bit my eerz! Or she duz bite my nose. If I am standin up she bitez my legz. The first few dayz she did look for milk. I jus duzzn't have eny coz I am a BOI! But it didnt stop er lookin! She did bite my willie wiv er sharp teef! I duz put up wiv er cos she is still liddle. But OMD sumtimes I duz hav to tell er wots wot in my ouse. She duz fink she can just walk in (or run in er case, she duzznt do walkin)and take ova. I duz tell her she duz hav her noms afta me and she duzzn't be aloud to jus take my toyz. But she duz have her noms first all the time and she takez my toys off me even if I am playing wiv dem. She duz also stalk me across the room, she finks she iz a kat! And she duz growl at me when I duz bite er on the leg or on her back. I duzzn't hert her but she duz sumtimes make a liddle yelp and mum and dada duz say Hamish you iz urting er. I duz try not to but I duz be bigga than her. My teef arnt as sharp as herz though. She duz urt me wen she bitez me but I duzznt yelp coz I duzznt want to get her in trubble.
I duz have sum nice bonez but she duz always take dem from me and eat them herself.
I duz be very pashunt wiv er cos she is still liddle. I duz be glad we haz er but she duz be a bit of a nooscance sumtimes!

Sunday 10 October 2010

A Noo Sista!

Mum and dada did get me a sista. They duz be lookin for agez and agez coz they did want a dawgie about my age and they did arsk the westie rescoo peeple but they did neva ring back and then they did find one dawgie on-line and did ring and email but they did not get back to mum or dada eivver. Then mum duz be lookin on-line and she duz sey to dada der is sum puppiez in East London for sale and dada sey duz yoo want to go and look and mum duz sey Yes. So they did go in the car and did leeve me at ome, I did jus go to sleep and wait for them to cum ome.
They duz be gone for a wile but I duz be sleepie so iz all rite.

Then they duz cum ome wiv a towell and I duz fink a towell? They duz buy me a noo towell? But mum duz open up the towell and inside duz be the teeniest liddle puppie I haz seen for agez!
They duz let me sniff er and lik er but they duz not like me playin wiv er cos they duz sey I am too ruff wiv er and she iz a babbie.
Dada sed they wood call er Maggie May wot do be a song by a scottish singer, so they duz be keepin the scottish feme.

She duz ave a big mouff wen she duz cry, she duz get louder and louder and then she duz go to sleep.

She duz get lotz of cuddlez from mum and dada but I iz still gettin my fare share.

Larts nite me and dada did sleep upstairs in comfort and mum and Maggie May did sleep downstairs, mum waznt in comfort, she waz on the sofur.
But tonite I fink Maggie duz be sleepin downstairs by erself.

I duz ave to go now coz she iz wondering over to my bed. I duz ope you all likw her?

Thursday 23 September 2010

A Barf

Hellos evyone. Todai mum did give me a barf! Let me tell yoo wot appened.
All week she haz been sayin Hamish you duz need a barf but yoo iz too big now to go in the kitchen sink so yoo mus hav one upstairz. I duz not fink much about this, only that there duzzn't be a barf upstairz or enywhere else in our ouse so i fink she mite be kiddin me.

Todai started like eny uvver day, we duz get up, I duz go in the gardin to leave sum pee mail and she duz ave her brekfast. Then we duz go upstairz so she can ave her shower and get dressed and we can go walkiez.
She duz say cum ere Hamish and I fink Huh? She duz take my coller off and put it on the bed. This iz my cue to ide under the bed where she cant get me. She duz call me and call me but I iz not that stoopid, I know summat iz rong.
Mum duz sey Oh well and I fink she haz given in but she haz my toy puppy in her hand and she duz be playin wiv it in front of me. I just edge a liddle closer to play wiv the puppy and she duz grab my scruff and duz frow me in the shower!!!! I duz be outraged but she duz get in az well and shutz the door. Then she turnz the shower on me! It duz be warm water not hot and iz a bit nice until she usez the champoo wich duz smell strongly of roobarb! She duz rub it all in and then duz wosh it all off again. Then she duz rap me in mi towel and duz rub me dry. I duz elp a bit by rubbin myself on her bedroom carpet and makin it all wet.
Just when I fink it all over, she duz turn on the airddryer and duz dry me wiv it!
Den the best bit, she duz take me to the Park where I duz no I can role in foxez poo. I duz find a nice juicy bit and duz role and role but sadly for me it woz all dry and I didnt get any on me! I duz still smell of roobarb!
Tomorro I duz be goin on my hollibobs to the kennelz for the weakend, I spect there will be sumfing nice to role in there!
Now i no wot happenz wen it iz barf time, like mum takin off my coller I will no to run and hide sumwhere better than under the bed!