Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Barf

Hellos evyone. Todai mum did give me a barf! Let me tell yoo wot appened.
All week she haz been sayin Hamish you duz need a barf but yoo iz too big now to go in the kitchen sink so yoo mus hav one upstairz. I duz not fink much about this, only that there duzzn't be a barf upstairz or enywhere else in our ouse so i fink she mite be kiddin me.

Todai started like eny uvver day, we duz get up, I duz go in the gardin to leave sum pee mail and she duz ave her brekfast. Then we duz go upstairz so she can ave her shower and get dressed and we can go walkiez.
She duz say cum ere Hamish and I fink Huh? She duz take my coller off and put it on the bed. This iz my cue to ide under the bed where she cant get me. She duz call me and call me but I iz not that stoopid, I know summat iz rong.
Mum duz sey Oh well and I fink she haz given in but she haz my toy puppy in her hand and she duz be playin wiv it in front of me. I just edge a liddle closer to play wiv the puppy and she duz grab my scruff and duz frow me in the shower!!!! I duz be outraged but she duz get in az well and shutz the door. Then she turnz the shower on me! It duz be warm water not hot and iz a bit nice until she usez the champoo wich duz smell strongly of roobarb! She duz rub it all in and then duz wosh it all off again. Then she duz rap me in mi towel and duz rub me dry. I duz elp a bit by rubbin myself on her bedroom carpet and makin it all wet.
Just when I fink it all over, she duz turn on the airddryer and duz dry me wiv it!
Den the best bit, she duz take me to the Park where I duz no I can role in foxez poo. I duz find a nice juicy bit and duz role and role but sadly for me it woz all dry and I didnt get any on me! I duz still smell of roobarb!
Tomorro I duz be goin on my hollibobs to the kennelz for the weakend, I spect there will be sumfing nice to role in there!
Now i no wot happenz wen it iz barf time, like mum takin off my coller I will no to run and hide sumwhere better than under the bed!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Pawz in de Park

Larst weekend me and mum duz go to Pawz in de Park at de Hop Farm wich iz not far from our ouse. We duz take yungest teenager and his galfrend but they duz go off on their own and me and mum duz take wakiez round on our own. There duz be lotz of peeple and their dawgiez at the show, I haz never seen so meny dawgies in one place at one time, not even at de park on a weekend!
We duz wotch the terrier racin wich mum finks I wuld have been good at but we duz wotch one Westie do it and it duz be disinterested and duz go anuvver way.

We did see sum dawgs wiv peeple on bikez, we duzzn't no wot dey waz doin.
We did wotch this Springer lernin to do Flyball wot duz look fun but I woodnt fetch the ball, I wood go sniffin sumwhere else.
Then we did wotch sum teamz of dawgies doin flyball, including this Dobie wich was evr so farst.
We duz woth the agility wich iz mums favrite.
And den we wotched sum dawgs doin dancin wich jus lookz sillie and not fun at all, tho the dawgs did look as tho they mite be enjoyin it!
This duz be me wotching the paw dawgiez doin the dancin and man was showin uvver dawgiez ow to do dancin.

We duz hav nice time at Pawz in De Park but best of all woz that mum almost duz get anuvver dawgie. She duz go to see the Westie rescue peeple and duz tell dem she is looking for anuvver westie to be furends wiv me and they duz sey they duz have a 6month old girl puppie wot duz need a noo ome! But mum duz sey she is goin away at the end of the munf and can't have her before then. They duz sey they will try to work sumfin out. When we got ome mum did fill in and send off her form and now she duz wate. She duz be foning dem up next week so I duz ope they duz still be lookin for ome for liddle girl westie and she can cum live with me.
I duz nearly forget, mum duz bye me sum new fings at the show. She duz bye me a new tartan ranecote wich will match my collar, I duz hav to try it on but I duz ope no one was wotchin me! She duz alzo bye me an new comb wich duz get dead fur out of me. It duz scratch a bit but mum duz it evr so gently. And she duz buy me a liddle bottle of champoo from ScruffyChops ( ) to see if we duz like it. Wich we duz!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Walkiez at Jeskyns Farm

Az sum of yoo no, my mum takez me walkiez to Jeskyns Farm. Diz duz be a place wot use to be a farm and is now a park. I duz see lotz of my furends dere and getz to play wiv dem.
We fort yoose wood lik to see where I duz go. Today iz not a good day coz it was raneing when we got dere but it did stop soon.
This parth duz go to the lake where I duz sum paddlin and sumtimes sum swimmin.
Here is de lake, that bit where the fence iz, iz where I got frew the uvver day and then culdnt get back out again. Mum waz panickin but her furend wot duz hav Max the westie duz get me out. I haz to be on the leed now in case I duz it again.
Here I duz be havin a bit of a paddle. I duz drink the water in the lake and it duz mak me coff sumtimez.
Dis iz a tree ouse for childrens. No dogz are aloud in dat bit.
Thiz bit iz de ill wat duz make mum puff a bit wen she getz to the top. On de left is de field wiv a mummy cow and free baby cowz in.
Diz iz one of my favorite puddlez for drinkin out of and also for layin in if I am ot!
Here I duz be lookin at the cowz, I duz jus stand and stare but they jus carry on eting dere grass.
I am lookin frew the gate at dem. I am on the leed coz I mite get frew the gate and chase dem cowz.
We iz walkin up the ill now and mum is gettin a bit puffed out.
Der duz be some priddy plantz on the ill, diz duz be one of dem.
Now we hav walked up the ill and down the uvver side and this is the orsey trail where I duz sumtimez stop for a snack of orses poo.
I duz jus stop to ave a kwick role in sum foxes poo!
That trane duz be the Urostar wot duz go to Frenchland but iz goin the uvver way to Lundun.
I iz kwite tired now so I duz ave a liddle rest before we finish our walkiez.
Here duz be the car park where mum's car is parked and we duz see Finn's car in it but we didnt see Finn on our walkiez today.
Mum duz alwayz put me in my crate redy to go ome, coz she is appy that I am safe and can't move around.
Now I am ome it is time for mornin noms, yum yum.
We ope yoo duz like to see the pichures of our walkiez today.