Friday, 23 July 2010


Hellos to my furry frendz and to my ooman ones az well. I ope you iz all well?
I fort I had better tell you bout Archie. We went to visit Archie on Moonday, coz we coodnt go on Sunday. Archie duz hav nice gardin to run about in and we did run and run and I did chase Archie round and round! Then I disscovered Archie duz hav a funny lookin paddlin pool so first I duz take a liddle drinkie then I duz jump rite in! Dada duz reached over and duz lift me out. It wuzzn't a paddlin pool but sumfink called a fish pond! Mum duz say Oh Hamish! I was all wet den so I fort I wood run inside but Archie's dad had shut the door wich was glass and I did run into it. It duzz seem a funny sort of ouse where der duz be pondz you can't swim in and ouses you can't run into!
Dada did dry me wiv a towl and den he did put it on the floor so I did dry my face by rubbin my ead along it. Den we did go inside and mum duz put me on leed so I duzzn't run about.
The oomans did talk for a liddle wile den we did go in the car to come ome.

On Chewsday I was ill, and did hav an upset tummy and waz sick. Mum sed it was cos of the pond water cos fish duz poo in it...I duzzn't eat fish poo before, it duz not taste nice.

On Wednezday Archie did come to visit us. We did run round and round the gardin and Archie did chase me for a liddle wile wich is my favorite game. Den Archie duz sniff and sniff all round de garden and again the oomans did talk and then Archie did get in his car to go ome.
Mum duz say we will be goin for a walkiez wiv Archie nex week. His dada duzzn't seem to want to make hiz mind up about wevver or not Archie can come and live wiv us. Mum duz say she will wate to see what Archie's dada wants to do. I ope we duzzn't have to wate long cos I just dus want to play wiv Archie all day long, evry day. Archie is a vry nice dawgie and I duz want him to cum and stay but I duzznt no yet if it will appen.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Norty boy!

Hellos to you all
Iz a long time since i larsst posted izn't it? Mum haz been a bit buzy organizing an hooge BBQ for next week and haz not had time for me. I haz been busy az well but not doing fings mum likes.
I kiled a babie bird this week and mum woz angree wiv me. I did catch it coz it was liddle and culd not fli very kwick. Mum did get it from my mouf and old it in her and. She waz surprized it was still alive and it did flutter to the floor where I did catch it again but mum got it back. Her and one ov the teenagerz did put it in an box and did take it out by the back door and it did try to fli away again but mum did not find it and neivver did Sarah next door. But I did find it laters in the arrfternoon ded and did take it proudly indoors to show mum. It did ave lotz of liddle black fings on it and they did run all over the floor. Mum sed Norty Boy Hamish! And did take the bird out and put it in the bin, then she did a liddle dance stamping her feet up and down on the floor to kill the black fings (ants), then she did get the oover out and oover them up and then she did wash the floor. She woz not appy. I waz in er bad bookz. :(
Yesserday I did go into the doggiewood in the gardin and duz find an froggie to play wiv. Dis mornin mum did find it dead on the grass. I duzzn't fink she was very plesed wiv me.
Today I did take an barsket from the barfroom and emptie it on the floor then took it into the gardin to chew. She did say Norty Boy Hamish! Again!
Mum haz had trubble wiv her feet and haz not been takin me long walkiez, also her car haz been out of acshun so we haz not been anywhere like we do usualie. This duz make for an bored Hamish and bored Hamish's mus find fings to do for demselfs.
Today mum did take me to the field at the back of our ouse. There duz be wheat growing dere and I duz jus luff to run in and out of it. I duz getz lotz of burrrrss on me and mum haz to pick dem out but it duz make me sleep nearly all day, so I haz been better today.

Mum and dada did giv me sum noows on Sunday. They did say Hamish, how wuld you like to hav an nuvver dawgie to live wiv you? I duz fink diz mite be nice tho there wuld have to be rulez (Marleeterrier told me dat).
Rule 1
Hamish duz get noms first
Rule 2
Hamish duz get cuddlez first
Rule 3
Hamish duz get 1st choice ov skweekies
Rule 4
Hamish duz get walkiez first
Rule 5
Hamish duz get use of paddlin pool first (dada has put it away now coz of the BBQ)
Rule 6
Hamish duz get 1st use of Kong wen there is chickin in it.
Rule 7
Hamish duz not fetch ball uvver dawgie can do dat!
Rule 8
Hamish duz get first choice of where to sleep at night, on de bed or under de bed.
Rule 9
Hamish duz share hiz toyz if he wants to, uvver dawgie duzz not just take dem
Rule 10
Hamish duzzn't have a rule 10 yet.

So Mum duz send an happlicashun form to a westie rescue home on Monday. On Chewsday Mum duz get an fone call from Henry's mum(who is mums frend) who sez she mite no of an Westie wot is lookin for an ome. He iz called Archie and is free years old. Mum did want to call me Archie when I did go to live wiv them but did fink Hamish was an better name. Mum hazn't herd any more yet but she haz her fingers crossed.
It duz be an eggcitin time livin ere at de moment.

Edited to add: Mum duz say we iz goin to see Archie on Munday. I mite be gettin a bruvver!!!