Friday, 23 July 2010


Hellos to my furry frendz and to my ooman ones az well. I ope you iz all well?
I fort I had better tell you bout Archie. We went to visit Archie on Moonday, coz we coodnt go on Sunday. Archie duz hav nice gardin to run about in and we did run and run and I did chase Archie round and round! Then I disscovered Archie duz hav a funny lookin paddlin pool so first I duz take a liddle drinkie then I duz jump rite in! Dada duz reached over and duz lift me out. It wuzzn't a paddlin pool but sumfink called a fish pond! Mum duz say Oh Hamish! I was all wet den so I fort I wood run inside but Archie's dad had shut the door wich was glass and I did run into it. It duzz seem a funny sort of ouse where der duz be pondz you can't swim in and ouses you can't run into!
Dada did dry me wiv a towl and den he did put it on the floor so I did dry my face by rubbin my ead along it. Den we did go inside and mum duz put me on leed so I duzzn't run about.
The oomans did talk for a liddle wile den we did go in the car to come ome.

On Chewsday I was ill, and did hav an upset tummy and waz sick. Mum sed it was cos of the pond water cos fish duz poo in it...I duzzn't eat fish poo before, it duz not taste nice.

On Wednezday Archie did come to visit us. We did run round and round the gardin and Archie did chase me for a liddle wile wich is my favorite game. Den Archie duz sniff and sniff all round de garden and again the oomans did talk and then Archie did get in his car to go ome.
Mum duz say we will be goin for a walkiez wiv Archie nex week. His dada duzzn't seem to want to make hiz mind up about wevver or not Archie can come and live wiv us. Mum duz say she will wate to see what Archie's dada wants to do. I ope we duzzn't have to wate long cos I just dus want to play wiv Archie all day long, evry day. Archie is a vry nice dawgie and I duz want him to cum and stay but I duzznt no yet if it will appen.

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  1. oh Hamish I hope Archie does come and live with you it sounds like you had fun xx