Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I duz find an bumble bee

Hellos to you my followers. Ere I is again wiv more storiez of my dayz as a puppie. Today mum and dada did take me to Camer Park wich iz in Mepham. Mepham iz a nice villige near to our ouse.
Dada did find an ball in the car and off we went. Dada frew the ball and I duz chase it again and again. Wen we got to the bottom ov the emptie park I duz find an ole. Thiz iz puzzling to me coz I duz not dig dis one. Dis one haz been dug by dawgies or pawsons unown. So I duz invesstigate it. And in de ole is sum bumble beez. I dont fink they liked me lookin at dem coz one of dem did rush towards me and duz land on me! I duz back off kwicklee but de bumble bee was still there! So i duz sit down and triez to scratch it off wiv my foot but it duz not leave! I duz get up and mum sez to dada Hamish duss ave an bumble bee on im and mum duss be ever so brave and duzz swoosh the bumble bee wiv her and. And the bumble bee duz flie off!!! Phew. I haz eard that bumble beez do bite and then dey duz die. I did not want bumble bee to bite me and die, I wood be sad and saw.
We duz carrie on wiv our walkiez and we duzz come across a liddle dawgie wot mum sez lookz like an JR X wiv an sossige doggie. It duz growl at me but duz come towards me wiv her liddle tail wagging wich confuzzed me a bit. I did try to play but itz mum duz say NO and duz put liddle dawgie on itz leed. I duzzn't fink the mum did like me much.
So we duz go on our way and duz meat two labs wot did fink they mite eat my snackz wot mum duz carrie for me. But they did be called by their dada. My snackz are safe for anuvver day.
We duz go back to the car park where there duz be an water tap for dawgies wich duz be filled into an bowl and duz overflow onto the chippingz where it duz form a big puddle. I duz lay down in the puddle coz it iz nice and cool for Hamish's tummy. Mum duz say to dada Look what Hamish iz doing? Dada sed Let's get a drink coz he iz not goin in my car all wet! Mum woodnt have cared if it had been er car coz I duz go in the back in my crate. So we did go get a drink and who duz we meat dere but Misty who iz an GSD puppie who did get hurted by an labrador at Jeskyns a few weeks ago. She is luffly and duz luff to play but I iz tired and ot now so I duz have a liddle play then duz lay down and she duz go to get into her car. Mum duz give me some more water and dada duz give me a liddle bit of his sarnie wich takez me agez to eat.
Then we duz go ome where I duz get in the paddlin pool and do sum swimmin. Dada is goin to empty the pool tomorrow cos I iz going on my hollibobz on Friday to the kennels coz mum and dada are goin away on their motobike. I iz goin to be stripped wile I is there so I will be poncey wen I come ome on Sunday.
Dat's all for today, hope evryone iz well and appy today?

Monday, 28 June 2010

I've been cort out!

For sum while now I haz been diggin sum oles in the garden. Sumtimes mum duz tell me off but I az got sneeky and az been diggin sum behind an dogwood wich is an shrub. It iz vary big and mum duz be proud of it coz it waz jus a tiny stik when she did plant it. Now it iz ooge and duz shelter me wen I iz bizzy diggin. But my oomans hav dizcovered the oles and they iz not appy. Mum duz put an big plant pot over one ov the oles but soon I duz dig anuvver one next to it.
Dada did find dat one, so he haz covered it up and now I iz not aloud in the garden on my own.
I waz diggin the oles so I could go and play wiv the puddie catz next door. I duzzn't fink mum duz believe dat! She sez if I get fru I will dizappear coz next door's gate is alwayz open!
I duz fink it mite be an adventure but mum duz say wot if you duz get run over Hamish?
Praps I had jus better stay wiv mum eh?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I haz anuvver foillower

I duz hav anuvver follower wot is called Helena. Helena iz my mums frend and she duzzn't hav eny dawgies jus rabbitz and ginee piggiez and I fink she duz hav pussie catz but we no talk bout them on account of I duzzn't lik catz much, they never wantz to play. I duz no wot a rabbit lookz lik cos next door duz ave one and I did see it the uvver day but it is in an ouse ov it's own so I cant eat it...oh I meen play wiv it.
She duz ave an boy az well. I duzzn't no the boy but he duz look nice when I duz see his picture. He duz look kind. Anyway, I duz say Hellos Helena and I duz ope you duz lik my blog.

Hellos Grandad!

On Munday I did go wiv Mum and Josh (the yungest teenager) to see Grandad. Grandad duz live in Sarfend on See wich iz in Essx. He duz live in nice ouse wiv a tortoise wot is called the Radar. I dussn't meat the Radar yet coz he waz on his hollibobs at Unkle James' ouse.
Dis waz the 1st time I had bean to Grandads cos Grandad duz usually come and see me. But we did go in the car to his ouse. It waz ot in the car but mum did open de winder for me to get sum air. She finks ov nice fings to do like dat.
When we did get there mum did take me in Grandad's garden to do my peemail, but I was jus interested at lookin at fings like flourz and trees and fings. Grandad az got a water feeture wot duz spout water out the top ov a stone and I duz ave a sneeky liddle drink from it.
Mum duzzn't let me off the leed cos she fort I mite run away cos Grandad's garden iz not dog secure coz he only haz the Radar wot duz walk sloooowwwllllyyyy, like dat. I duzzn't do peemail so we duz go indoorz and der iz more stuff to look at. Grandad haz plants indoorz like dey iz in dey garden! I duz sneekily take a bit ov a plant but mum and grandad duz say No Hamish! Whoopz.
We duz get in Grandad's car and Grandad duz drive to the seeside where we duz be aving a walkiez. I duzzn't no where the see did go, coz all there did be waz stonez, sand and lotz and lotz ov mud. I did fink wen I did go on my hollibobz larst munf that there duz be see at the seeside but dere wazzn't at Sarfend on See. It duz look like Sarfend on Mud!
We did do walkiez until we got to a liddle cafe on the seefront called See Breese. The kind lady duz give me an bowl of cold water to drink. Mum and Grandad and Josh duz sit down and order their dinnerz and de lady duz bring dem sum noms but not me! I duz bark and bark and soon mum gave me an ot chip. Waz too ot for Hamish's mouf, it did burn, but it did keep me kwiet for a liddle while til I ad eaten it. Then I duz bark for anuvver one and so it went on. Then mum did give me bit of her omlette, yummm.

When mum did stand up to pay for her noms and Grandad's noms and Josh's noms, she did push her chair back and did step in my bowl ov water wich I had hidden under her chair so no one duz step in it. Der waz water all over the floor and all over mum's shoe wich duz serve her rite!

Then we did walkiez back to the car by the mud agin.

At Grandad's ouse I did go in the garden again and I did meet nice lady from next door wot iz called Auntie Audrey. She did say Hamish iz luffly. I duz go and do long peemail on the lawn wile dey is talkin bout plantz and fings. Auntie Audrey duz hav stick fings for her legz coz she duz keep brekin her leg and aving it in plaster.

I duz look at Grandad'z pond but I duzzn't see any frogz in it for me to eat. We duz go indoorz and I duz bite mum and Josh. I waz only playin but mum did get cross and say No Hamish, so i duz lay and go to sleep insteed.

Grandad duzz tell mum he duzz read my blog but he finks I need to spell fings better. I iz stil only a puppie Grandad, I duzzn't be a whole year yet, when I am praps my spellin will get better, who noes?

I duz be sorry Grandad for eatin the plant. Dis duz be why mum putz evryfing out of my reech at ome.
The picture at the top of diz blog duz be of my Grandad and my mum. Duz you see dey iz wearin the same color top? Dat's funnie coz they duzzn't no they would be wearin the same color!
Mum duz put this pic up on her FB page and some peeple duz say that Grandad duzz look yung and dey duzz like this picture.
Yesserday wich was Chewsday, dada did put my paddlin pool up for me and I haz been swimmin in the ot wevver. Mum duz get cross when I duz cum indoorz drippin wet but she haz put the gate up by the kichen door so I can't get in now.
I duz be reedin Marlee's blog and he duz say I haz to do sum quezztions and ansers but I duzzn't do dem today, maybe tomorrow Marlee. It will be ard work for me.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Two Walkiez

Hellos to my furiends, I ope you iz all well today?
Yesserday one of the teenagerz did look after me, he did play wiv me but he dussn't take me walkiez. Mum waz a bit cross cos she said that was the deal, that he took me walkiez but still he didn't so I got no walkiez on Sunday. Mum and dad did go out on their motobike for a ride to a Secret Bunker. Dunno ow they found it if it was a Secret!
Today I duz go to Ashenbank Woodz coz the car park at Jeskyns waz aving some work dun and so was shut. Mum dussn't remember that til she got there so she did jus carry on drivin til she did find Ashenbank. I duz like the woods coz I rememberz that there is swimmin there. We duz go a different way today and duz go through the woodz and across some liddle parfs. We duz find a man wiv a Jack Ruselll wot I duz play wiv. We did play Chase Me wich is my favorite game. Then we did find the pond and I duz get in the water. Mum sez Hurry Up Hamish coz she wanted to get ome but I did take my time til she did say again Hurry up and Come on Hamish. We did get in the car and cum ome.
Mum did say she ad to go out again, but she waz lookin in her bag and all round the ouse and I did not no why. Then she said come on, letz go in the car again. Oooh I fort, where are we goin?
Mum did drive and when she stopped we was at the woodz again. Two Walkiez in one day at the woodz? Sumfing was happenin but wot? She did put me on the lead and we did go off again the same way round, all along the liddle parfs til we got to the pond again. I duzzn't see the Jack Ruselll thiz time, I did see an Labradoodle wich didn't want to play and a sqirrell!!! Dis duz be the first time I duz see a sqirrell, but it did run too farst for liddle Hamish. I did look from the bottom of the tree where it did run to the top.
So i duz go in the pond again and mum waz lookin for summat and she say Come on Hamish. She did look all ot and fed up. She duz say to me as we go back to the car, Hamish I ave lorst my fone and I carnt find it. OH! I see now, dis duz be why we has two walkiez, cos mum was lookin for her fone!!
We duz get ome and mum duz look again but it haz gone. She duzn't no where it az gone but gone it az.

So that'z why we did ave two walkiez in the same place in one morning. i ope mum duz find her phone or someone else duz find it and give it back to her.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Come On Engerland!!!

Today iz the day that Engerland duz play their first Engerland match in de World Cup. I duz be a Westie dawgie from Scoterland but that duz not mean I can't support Engerland and I duz prove it by wearin my bandana. I haz been practisin my footie skills wiv my dada this morning but he duz keep saying andball! Whatever that duz mean.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I've got a new place to swim

This iz mi paddlin pool but it iz deep enuf for me to swim in.
Dada took it down today but I fink he mite give it bak to me again wen it is warmer again.

I duz have anuvver follower

Or Two to be exact and 1 of em is called Hamish!!!! Anuvver Hamish!! How eggciting is that?
Hamish is a Springer Spaniel and so iz his bruvver Dylan. Mum duz say she did ave a Springer Spaniel cross Border collie, a long time ago and she nose how nutty Springers are.
I just say Welcomes to Hamish and Dylan and I duz ope you like my blog.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

My Hollibobz

Hellos to you all. I az been on my hollibobz thiz larst week wiv my mum and dada and evryone else. It waz grate. I ad such a good time. We did go in the minibuz all the way there and I did get to sit up front wiv mum and dada wiv my arness on wich duz stop me falling off when dada duz break. We did meet grandad and the uvvers at the servicez where I waz let out of the buz for my toilet buzinezz. It waz a very long jorney to Norfumberland and at Newcassle there waz lotz and lotz of rain and carz. It did rain nearly all the way there. But we did get there and we did hav a nice carrervan wot did ave a liddle cuby ole for me to sleep in. We did ave sum noms and I did go walkiez round the site so mum culd hav a lok round. Then we duz go to sleepiez but it did get cold in the nite and I did snuggle under mum and dada's doovet and snugglez up to mum all nite. All nite she did let me sleepiez there. I waz a good boy and did not push enyone out of bed no matter what dada duz say!

On de Sunday it did be rainin again and mum and dada did go to AZDA wiv Auntie Rebeccer. Grandad and Unkle Jamez did come and look after me in our carrervan. I waz not aloud in their carrervan coz it did be NO DOGZ ALOUD. They did take me for walkiez round the carrervan site where I did see uvver dogz. I did lie down a lot coz I waz tired. No one did much on that Sunday coz of the rain but the teenagerz did go out in it and did get wet.

On de Munday the sun did shine lotz an we did all go to Scoterland. This do be were mum and dada do want to move to in 2012. I duz be goin wiv em when they do but mebbe knot the teenagerz.

We duz all get out ov the buz and car to ave our foto taken on the boarder ov Engerland and Scoterland. Mum alwayz duz this.

Anywayz we duz go to Imouf wich is on the east coast and iz a fishin village where they sell luffly fishes and chips wot I duz ave some of. We did go see the seal wot duz live in the arbour and duz get fed by peeple wot duz give him fishes. He duz be very luckie to get hiz noms lik this. We did go for walkiez on the beech and the noise of the wavez did scare me. It was very loud! I duzzn't lik it.

We duz wait for the uvvers coz we waz all in different places. The teenagerz had gon to do sumfing to do wiv skatebordz and skooterz. Grandad and Unkle Jamez had gon for a walkiez on there own, wivout me! We had nice creamz wile we woz waitin. Dada and mum did give me some of theirs and so did Auntie Rebeccer. I duz see lotz of uvver dawgies while we waz waitin paishuntly.
Eventually they did all cum bak and we duz go bak to the carrervan site. I duz sleepie in the cubby ole coz it waz not so cold.

On Chewsday it did rain again so we did nuffin except do walkiez on the beech.
On Wednersday we did go to Newcassle. The teenagerz did go to Wet and Wild wich I fink did sound like a place where I culd go and do swimmin but NO DOGS ALOUD again, so I did go walkiez along the river at Newcassle wiv mum and dada, and Grandad and Unkle Jamez and Auntie Rebeccer. I duz get my pikture taken on a bridge wich duz be called Millllenniummm bridge. Dat's a looooonnnnnnggggggg word for me. We duz stop for some noms at a pub by the river, it waz a nice sunny day and I did only bark cos I was ungry and nobody waz takin notice of me. The man who gave us the noms did have a liddle WHT at ome wot was two munfs old. He waz toilet trainin it and I duz fink he mite hav been having problemz but mum sed puppie wuld get the ang of it soon cos Westies are intelliggent dawgiez. Well I am, mum sez.
We did all do walkiez along the river and there were some preddy fings to lok at for the oomans. I jus did lok at birdiez and runnerz. Then we did go and get the teenagerz and go back to the carrervan park for more walkiez along the beech. We did watch the newz coz of the terrible shootins in Cumbria wich is where aRRi tHe BoG lives wiv his mum. But fank goodness they are alright,cept aRRi's mum did ave to ide in the airdressers for 3 hours and she did no sum peeple which did die. Mum waz glad that aRRi's mum and aRRi did be OK.
Fursday we did go to Keilder Water wiv Auntie Rebeccer and the teenagerz and dada and mum. The teenagerz did go on some bikez for a ride and me and mum did go for a walkiez in the forest were we saw a tree wiv leaves made from glass! Grandad and Unkle Jamez did go to Adrian's Wall wich I fink is round Adrian's ouse! BOL. I made a joke there, did you get it?
We did all meet back at the site for noms but wile mum was watching the news the lectric did go out and we did have sum power cutz for agez and agez. This made evryone cum out of their carrervans for walkiez round the site coz no one culd watch the tv. We did go to the beech where I did run to the water and when the water did cum near me I did run away. Mum and dada did larf lotz! I did dig an ole with sum of the teenagerz on the beech, they did say Fank Yoo Hamish.
On Friday I did stay wiv Dada at the site and mum went for a walkiez wiv Unkle Jamez and Aunite Rebeccer and Grandad and I fink they did sum shoppin az well. We did cum ome Friday nite cos dada ad to take the minibuz bak on Saterday morning.
Mum duz say she will put sum pics of me up on my hollibobs soon.
I hope you duz like my storie of my hollibobz?