Monday, 28 June 2010

I've been cort out!

For sum while now I haz been diggin sum oles in the garden. Sumtimes mum duz tell me off but I az got sneeky and az been diggin sum behind an dogwood wich is an shrub. It iz vary big and mum duz be proud of it coz it waz jus a tiny stik when she did plant it. Now it iz ooge and duz shelter me wen I iz bizzy diggin. But my oomans hav dizcovered the oles and they iz not appy. Mum duz put an big plant pot over one ov the oles but soon I duz dig anuvver one next to it.
Dada did find dat one, so he haz covered it up and now I iz not aloud in the garden on my own.
I waz diggin the oles so I could go and play wiv the puddie catz next door. I duzzn't fink mum duz believe dat! She sez if I get fru I will dizappear coz next door's gate is alwayz open!
I duz fink it mite be an adventure but mum duz say wot if you duz get run over Hamish?
Praps I had jus better stay wiv mum eh?


  1. I fink mum do be right Amish. I did get out sum times and the hoomans do go mad wiv worry and is tellin me about the roads and the nasty cars. I fink is better to stay in your garden

  2. Stay wiv Mum Hamish! Love AnnieB

  3. I do have a big hole in my garden too. 'Tis not me that made it! BOL! You not trying to dig tunnel to me are ya Hamish?! BOL! Westie Waggy tail! XXX