Saturday, 14 August 2010

Down to Margate

On Fursday we did go down to Margate. Mum and dada did keep singin sum song about Margate, I duzzn't no what they iz doin!
The teenagerz did go into town to hunt for sum food. Mum sez teenagerz eat all the time!

We duz find a beech wich duz allow dogz and I duz lie down cos the sand is wet and cool on mi tummiee.

George wat is nine and Henry who wazzn't growling at me duz do sum runnin about.

Den me and Henry duz sum runnin togevver away from dada

Diz pix duz look az tho Henry waz growlin at me but he waz jus lookin to see wot I was doin behind him, I duz look a liddle surprized duzzn't I?
When we did go ome in the car we duz go parst Manston Airport and the hoomans did get eggcited cos they did see sum plains.
Mum sez they duz be Red Arrowz wot was re fuellin.
Dey are dose tiny red planez. Mum did take dis from de car az we did go parst.
We did hav nice time at Margate but we cums ome a bit earliee coz it did start raineing again.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Henry the Border Collie

Hellos evryone. Today iz Chewsday and iz the first full day Henry the Border Collie haz been ere. Mum sez he haz stayed before but wiv Ruooby wat waz dog who use to live ere. Henry is a nice doggie but he duzzn't like me much. He duzzn't like enyone much I duzzn't fink. He growls all the time. He duz only be six years old but he haz diabetes and is a liddle bit blind so I fink that iz why he iz so grumpy. Mum and dada duz hav to give Henry sum injecshuns twice a day. Mum did nearly forget tonite! But she remembered jus in time.
Dis mornin we duz go for lonnnggg walkiez wen it did stop ranin. It did rane a lot dis mornin. Me and mum and Henry and George who is nine did go. The teenagerz had all gone sumwhere else. We did go to where the old A2 use to be and we did walk over an brige over the new A2 and then over anuvver wot duz hav the Urostar train runnin under. At the end of the brge waz a barrier fing wot George did sit on for a rest and me and Henry did lay down and rest. Then it did start to rane again and we did start to walk back. It duzzn't rane for long so we duzzn't get very wet.
Wen we got ome we waz all eggshausted and I duz lie on Henry's bed and go to sleep.

Wen I waz awake later, I waz readin Twitter and Marlee duz arsk for piktures of raincoats, so I duz put my pikture up of me wearin mine in the snow in the winter and it duz win. I duzzn't no it was a competishun but it waz and I did cum first! Mum and dada are ever so proud of me.

Henry is not growlin at me so much now, he duz jus look at me grumpily. I duzz fink by the end of the week he duz be happier wiv me and mebbe not growl.

Walkiez time now, then more naps. See You soon.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

It's my Burfday

Hellos evryone. Today iz my birfday. I iz 1 years old. Mum sez that iz seven in dog yearz. So ma spellin mite start to get better now.
Dada did take me walkiez very earlie round the field. I duzzn't no what happened there but all the wheat haz been cut down and made into round aystacks. So I cant run in and out of it now.
Wen mum did get up and had her brekfast we did in go in the car to Petz at Ome. Mum duz buy me a chocolate coloured skweekie bone and a ball wiv oles in it. It's in the picture at the top. She duz also buy me some chiken gravy bonez for treatz and sum bonez wich I duz chew and they duz keep me kwiet.
Later on me and mum will go out for our walkiez at the park. Yesserday we did go to Jeskyns where I duz do sum swimmin. Today tho I fink we mite go to Camer coz Camer is kwiet cept for sum boyz wich duz kik an football about. Larst week at Jeskyns I duz see Lola wot is not Marlee's sister but iz shar pei puppy. She waz bootifull and duz play wiv liddle Hamish. We duz see each uvver two days in a row but I duzzn't see er larst nite. At Camer larst week I duz play wiv tiny Tibetian Terrier called Bella. Bella duz like to run and run wiv me.
We duzzn't fink we is gettin Archie now, so mum iz lookin for anuvver Westie like me.
Next week we duz hav Henry the Border Collie cuming to stay wiv uz and hiz hooman bruvvers what are called Sam and George. Henry duz growl at me and duzzn't like me, but he will have to like me cos IT IS MY OUSE HENRY and you can't scare me away.
Dada is gonna put the tent up so teenagerz can sleep in it and not make lotz of noise in ouse and keep me awake.
I duz ope evryone is well?