Saturday, 14 August 2010

Down to Margate

On Fursday we did go down to Margate. Mum and dada did keep singin sum song about Margate, I duzzn't no what they iz doin!
The teenagerz did go into town to hunt for sum food. Mum sez teenagerz eat all the time!

We duz find a beech wich duz allow dogz and I duz lie down cos the sand is wet and cool on mi tummiee.

George wat is nine and Henry who wazzn't growling at me duz do sum runnin about.

Den me and Henry duz sum runnin togevver away from dada

Diz pix duz look az tho Henry waz growlin at me but he waz jus lookin to see wot I was doin behind him, I duz look a liddle surprized duzzn't I?
When we did go ome in the car we duz go parst Manston Airport and the hoomans did get eggcited cos they did see sum plains.
Mum sez they duz be Red Arrowz wot was re fuellin.
Dey are dose tiny red planez. Mum did take dis from de car az we did go parst.
We did hav nice time at Margate but we cums ome a bit earliee coz it did start raineing again.


  1. Hello Hamish! You had nice time at Margate. So nice they allow doggies on da beach! You kind to look afta Henry too. I hope he didn't teach you too much 'bad grrr language' BOL! How eggciting to see da Red Arrows so close too! They very special planes! I wonder where they woz going. I hoping for walk along da river tomoz if it stops raining! Lots of Westie Licks, AnnieB XXX

  2. Hi there Hamish! That's a great beach. Most of my doggy beaches are stones and big rocks with only a bit of sand. I have a George lives next door to me and he's really good fun.. except his name is Tom. He's my favourite small human. Woofs Teagan xx

  3. The Red Arrorz waz going to Eastbourne Air show mum duz fink.