Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I haz anuvver foillower

I duz hav anuvver follower wot is called Helena. Helena iz my mums frend and she duzzn't hav eny dawgies jus rabbitz and ginee piggiez and I fink she duz hav pussie catz but we no talk bout them on account of I duzzn't lik catz much, they never wantz to play. I duz no wot a rabbit lookz lik cos next door duz ave one and I did see it the uvver day but it is in an ouse ov it's own so I cant eat it...oh I meen play wiv it.
She duz ave an boy az well. I duzzn't no the boy but he duz look nice when I duz see his picture. He duz look kind. Anyway, I duz say Hellos Helena and I duz ope you duz lik my blog.


  1. Ello Amish. I did see a rabbit last week. He was in a hutch. I sniffed and sniffed im but I dussnt bark at him.

  2. Hello Hamish!! my little boy is called Ben and he is really hoping to come over and play ball with you soon. He wants a dog, so I will have to be EXTRA careful and check my car properly when we leave your house to make sure he hasn't smuggled you in, under his coat. My puzzcat Monkey would like to meet you too, but my other puzzcats, Rizla and Polly don't like dogz. I don't know why. I am sure they would like you if they met you. Silly puzzcats.