Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hellos Grandad!

On Munday I did go wiv Mum and Josh (the yungest teenager) to see Grandad. Grandad duz live in Sarfend on See wich iz in Essx. He duz live in nice ouse wiv a tortoise wot is called the Radar. I dussn't meat the Radar yet coz he waz on his hollibobs at Unkle James' ouse.
Dis waz the 1st time I had bean to Grandads cos Grandad duz usually come and see me. But we did go in the car to his ouse. It waz ot in the car but mum did open de winder for me to get sum air. She finks ov nice fings to do like dat.
When we did get there mum did take me in Grandad's garden to do my peemail, but I was jus interested at lookin at fings like flourz and trees and fings. Grandad az got a water feeture wot duz spout water out the top ov a stone and I duz ave a sneeky liddle drink from it.
Mum duzzn't let me off the leed cos she fort I mite run away cos Grandad's garden iz not dog secure coz he only haz the Radar wot duz walk sloooowwwllllyyyy, like dat. I duzzn't do peemail so we duz go indoorz and der iz more stuff to look at. Grandad haz plants indoorz like dey iz in dey garden! I duz sneekily take a bit ov a plant but mum and grandad duz say No Hamish! Whoopz.
We duz get in Grandad's car and Grandad duz drive to the seeside where we duz be aving a walkiez. I duzzn't no where the see did go, coz all there did be waz stonez, sand and lotz and lotz ov mud. I did fink wen I did go on my hollibobz larst munf that there duz be see at the seeside but dere wazzn't at Sarfend on See. It duz look like Sarfend on Mud!
We did do walkiez until we got to a liddle cafe on the seefront called See Breese. The kind lady duz give me an bowl of cold water to drink. Mum and Grandad and Josh duz sit down and order their dinnerz and de lady duz bring dem sum noms but not me! I duz bark and bark and soon mum gave me an ot chip. Waz too ot for Hamish's mouf, it did burn, but it did keep me kwiet for a liddle while til I ad eaten it. Then I duz bark for anuvver one and so it went on. Then mum did give me bit of her omlette, yummm.

When mum did stand up to pay for her noms and Grandad's noms and Josh's noms, she did push her chair back and did step in my bowl ov water wich I had hidden under her chair so no one duz step in it. Der waz water all over the floor and all over mum's shoe wich duz serve her rite!

Then we did walkiez back to the car by the mud agin.

At Grandad's ouse I did go in the garden again and I did meet nice lady from next door wot iz called Auntie Audrey. She did say Hamish iz luffly. I duz go and do long peemail on the lawn wile dey is talkin bout plantz and fings. Auntie Audrey duz hav stick fings for her legz coz she duz keep brekin her leg and aving it in plaster.

I duz look at Grandad'z pond but I duzzn't see any frogz in it for me to eat. We duz go indoorz and I duz bite mum and Josh. I waz only playin but mum did get cross and say No Hamish, so i duz lay and go to sleep insteed.

Grandad duzz tell mum he duzz read my blog but he finks I need to spell fings better. I iz stil only a puppie Grandad, I duzzn't be a whole year yet, when I am praps my spellin will get better, who noes?

I duz be sorry Grandad for eatin the plant. Dis duz be why mum putz evryfing out of my reech at ome.
The picture at the top of diz blog duz be of my Grandad and my mum. Duz you see dey iz wearin the same color top? Dat's funnie coz they duzzn't no they would be wearin the same color!
Mum duz put this pic up on her FB page and some peeple duz say that Grandad duzz look yung and dey duzz like this picture.
Yesserday wich was Chewsday, dada did put my paddlin pool up for me and I haz been swimmin in the ot wevver. Mum duz get cross when I duz cum indoorz drippin wet but she haz put the gate up by the kichen door so I can't get in now.
I duz be reedin Marlee's blog and he duz say I haz to do sum quezztions and ansers but I duzzn't do dem today, maybe tomorrow Marlee. It will be ard work for me.

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  1. Oh Hamish, I fink that sounds like a rilly good day my pal. I fink I would like your grandad and the Radar