Monday, 14 June 2010

Two Walkiez

Hellos to my furiends, I ope you iz all well today?
Yesserday one of the teenagerz did look after me, he did play wiv me but he dussn't take me walkiez. Mum waz a bit cross cos she said that was the deal, that he took me walkiez but still he didn't so I got no walkiez on Sunday. Mum and dad did go out on their motobike for a ride to a Secret Bunker. Dunno ow they found it if it was a Secret!
Today I duz go to Ashenbank Woodz coz the car park at Jeskyns waz aving some work dun and so was shut. Mum dussn't remember that til she got there so she did jus carry on drivin til she did find Ashenbank. I duz like the woods coz I rememberz that there is swimmin there. We duz go a different way today and duz go through the woodz and across some liddle parfs. We duz find a man wiv a Jack Ruselll wot I duz play wiv. We did play Chase Me wich is my favorite game. Then we did find the pond and I duz get in the water. Mum sez Hurry Up Hamish coz she wanted to get ome but I did take my time til she did say again Hurry up and Come on Hamish. We did get in the car and cum ome.
Mum did say she ad to go out again, but she waz lookin in her bag and all round the ouse and I did not no why. Then she said come on, letz go in the car again. Oooh I fort, where are we goin?
Mum did drive and when she stopped we was at the woodz again. Two Walkiez in one day at the woodz? Sumfing was happenin but wot? She did put me on the lead and we did go off again the same way round, all along the liddle parfs til we got to the pond again. I duzzn't see the Jack Ruselll thiz time, I did see an Labradoodle wich didn't want to play and a sqirrell!!! Dis duz be the first time I duz see a sqirrell, but it did run too farst for liddle Hamish. I did look from the bottom of the tree where it did run to the top.
So i duz go in the pond again and mum waz lookin for summat and she say Come on Hamish. She did look all ot and fed up. She duz say to me as we go back to the car, Hamish I ave lorst my fone and I carnt find it. OH! I see now, dis duz be why we has two walkiez, cos mum was lookin for her fone!!
We duz get ome and mum duz look again but it haz gone. She duzn't no where it az gone but gone it az.

So that'z why we did ave two walkiez in the same place in one morning. i ope mum duz find her phone or someone else duz find it and give it back to her.


  1. Haz she tried goin to the woods and callin the phone from annuther one? That's what dad duz in the mornin when his phone cant be fouwnd

  2. I ave such a clever dada, he did open the passenger door and dere was mum's fone down by the seat. Mum duz be very appy now. And a liddle embarassed cos she fort she looked all over the car!

  3. I hear mummy found her fone Hamish and that you put it down the side of the seat in the car. Did you? cos that would have been very naughty and mummy was very worried and upset cos she liked her fone.