Saturday, 5 June 2010

My Hollibobz

Hellos to you all. I az been on my hollibobz thiz larst week wiv my mum and dada and evryone else. It waz grate. I ad such a good time. We did go in the minibuz all the way there and I did get to sit up front wiv mum and dada wiv my arness on wich duz stop me falling off when dada duz break. We did meet grandad and the uvvers at the servicez where I waz let out of the buz for my toilet buzinezz. It waz a very long jorney to Norfumberland and at Newcassle there waz lotz and lotz of rain and carz. It did rain nearly all the way there. But we did get there and we did hav a nice carrervan wot did ave a liddle cuby ole for me to sleep in. We did ave sum noms and I did go walkiez round the site so mum culd hav a lok round. Then we duz go to sleepiez but it did get cold in the nite and I did snuggle under mum and dada's doovet and snugglez up to mum all nite. All nite she did let me sleepiez there. I waz a good boy and did not push enyone out of bed no matter what dada duz say!

On de Sunday it did be rainin again and mum and dada did go to AZDA wiv Auntie Rebeccer. Grandad and Unkle Jamez did come and look after me in our carrervan. I waz not aloud in their carrervan coz it did be NO DOGZ ALOUD. They did take me for walkiez round the carrervan site where I did see uvver dogz. I did lie down a lot coz I waz tired. No one did much on that Sunday coz of the rain but the teenagerz did go out in it and did get wet.

On de Munday the sun did shine lotz an we did all go to Scoterland. This do be were mum and dada do want to move to in 2012. I duz be goin wiv em when they do but mebbe knot the teenagerz.

We duz all get out ov the buz and car to ave our foto taken on the boarder ov Engerland and Scoterland. Mum alwayz duz this.

Anywayz we duz go to Imouf wich is on the east coast and iz a fishin village where they sell luffly fishes and chips wot I duz ave some of. We did go see the seal wot duz live in the arbour and duz get fed by peeple wot duz give him fishes. He duz be very luckie to get hiz noms lik this. We did go for walkiez on the beech and the noise of the wavez did scare me. It was very loud! I duzzn't lik it.

We duz wait for the uvvers coz we waz all in different places. The teenagerz had gon to do sumfing to do wiv skatebordz and skooterz. Grandad and Unkle Jamez had gon for a walkiez on there own, wivout me! We had nice creamz wile we woz waitin. Dada and mum did give me some of theirs and so did Auntie Rebeccer. I duz see lotz of uvver dawgies while we waz waitin paishuntly.
Eventually they did all cum bak and we duz go bak to the carrervan site. I duz sleepie in the cubby ole coz it waz not so cold.

On Chewsday it did rain again so we did nuffin except do walkiez on the beech.
On Wednersday we did go to Newcassle. The teenagerz did go to Wet and Wild wich I fink did sound like a place where I culd go and do swimmin but NO DOGS ALOUD again, so I did go walkiez along the river at Newcassle wiv mum and dada, and Grandad and Unkle Jamez and Auntie Rebeccer. I duz get my pikture taken on a bridge wich duz be called Millllenniummm bridge. Dat's a looooonnnnnnggggggg word for me. We duz stop for some noms at a pub by the river, it waz a nice sunny day and I did only bark cos I was ungry and nobody waz takin notice of me. The man who gave us the noms did have a liddle WHT at ome wot was two munfs old. He waz toilet trainin it and I duz fink he mite hav been having problemz but mum sed puppie wuld get the ang of it soon cos Westies are intelliggent dawgiez. Well I am, mum sez.
We did all do walkiez along the river and there were some preddy fings to lok at for the oomans. I jus did lok at birdiez and runnerz. Then we did go and get the teenagerz and go back to the carrervan park for more walkiez along the beech. We did watch the newz coz of the terrible shootins in Cumbria wich is where aRRi tHe BoG lives wiv his mum. But fank goodness they are alright,cept aRRi's mum did ave to ide in the airdressers for 3 hours and she did no sum peeple which did die. Mum waz glad that aRRi's mum and aRRi did be OK.
Fursday we did go to Keilder Water wiv Auntie Rebeccer and the teenagerz and dada and mum. The teenagerz did go on some bikez for a ride and me and mum did go for a walkiez in the forest were we saw a tree wiv leaves made from glass! Grandad and Unkle Jamez did go to Adrian's Wall wich I fink is round Adrian's ouse! BOL. I made a joke there, did you get it?
We did all meet back at the site for noms but wile mum was watching the news the lectric did go out and we did have sum power cutz for agez and agez. This made evryone cum out of their carrervans for walkiez round the site coz no one culd watch the tv. We did go to the beech where I did run to the water and when the water did cum near me I did run away. Mum and dada did larf lotz! I did dig an ole with sum of the teenagerz on the beech, they did say Fank Yoo Hamish.
On Friday I did stay wiv Dada at the site and mum went for a walkiez wiv Unkle Jamez and Aunite Rebeccer and Grandad and I fink they did sum shoppin az well. We did cum ome Friday nite cos dada ad to take the minibuz bak on Saterday morning.
Mum duz say she will put sum pics of me up on my hollibobs soon.
I hope you duz like my storie of my hollibobz?


  1. I am very gald you had nice ollibobs Amish but I did be very soree to read about aRRi and his mum and their trubbles wiv dat orrid man.

  2. You are a true and brilliant example of a perfect Westie my furiend! You think just like me and you see life just da same! You have had such loverly holibobs with your Mum and Dad and even with da teenagers (how d'you manage that BOL!) I am honoured to be your furiend, my furiend! Westie nose nudges and wuzzles. AnnieBella X