Friday, 28 May 2010


This duz be a picture ov me gettin into mischif!

Hellos to all my follerez an enyone else who dropz in for a kwick reed.
I mus apologize to you all, coz I ave not posted for neerly a week. This duz be coz mum haz been packin for our hollibobz. Yesss I do be goin on hollibobz wiv all my family and knot be goin to eny kenelz. We duz be goin in a minibuz to Norfumberland wich iz a loooooonnnnnggggggg way from our ouse. We haz got a minibuz coz sum twit did reverze into dada's car today (friday) at the tip and did do lotz of damagge. Dada waz very stresssed out. But inzurance companie did say u can ave anuvver car to go on your hollibobs. so now there duz be this biiigggg minibus outside our ouse waitin to be packed in the mornin.
Mum duz pak for me two tenniz ballz, sum treatz, my dinna food, bowlz, a towlle in case I duz go swimmin, my frizbe wich I duzzn't play wiv, but them teenagerz mite play wiv on the beech, poo bagz and I haz a new arness to strap me to the seatbelt so I can sit up the front wiv mum and dada. I duz fink it will be a goood hollibob. Grandad duz be goin az well, I duz luff grandad, but he did tell me off larst time I did see im, cos I did bit hiz finger and he said No Hamish! There duz be uvvers goin az well, like mumz bruvver and hiz wife and one ov their teenagerz and anuvver teenager and we duz be takin anuvver teenager az well, so there will be lotz of teenagerz. Praps I shuld take anuvver frizbe?
So I duz be seeeing you when I duz get bak, wich is next week. I will ave lotz to rite about I fink.
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee, xx

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  1. Have fun on your holiday Hamish! You are brave going withallthose teenagers! i think more that two frisbees will be needed! BOL Tell us all about it when you get home? Love Annie X