Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sleepin wiv mum and dad

Hellos to you all. Today I duz be tellin you about larst nite. Mum and dada did go to bed and mum did leave me on the sofa like she duz evry nite but I duz fink I wood not like to be sleepin on my own so I duz go up the stairz and duz nock on the door ever so kwietly and mum duz ere me and duz open the door and whoosh I am strait under the bed! Mum duz talk to dada about me stayin and dada duz say to mum it is up to u. I duz get a bit worried at dis point coz mum is stricter than dada but mum duz say OK, so I no I is stoppin for the nite and duz not be on my own downstairz lik normal. So wen they did turn off the lite I duz sneak on to their bed and mum duz fidget and I duz fidget and we all getz comfy and duz go to sleep.
Then there waz a noize outside so I duz bark to tell mum and dada in caze it is a burglar. Wich duz wake them up and they duz say Hamish be kwiet but I duz not coz there is noizy peeple out there. They did talk and shout and slam car doorz for an hour and mum and dada duz not be appy. But soon it duz go kwiet and we duz all go back to sleep.
THEN at 5 firty, dada duz get me up for toilet business and duz make me stay on de sofa again and not go back to bed wiv mum. But I duz not mind coz I did get mi own way for a liddle time.
I will try again tonite but I duz fink I mite be pushin my luck!


  1. Tee hee hee. YAP! when Ma first brought me home she said 'no dogs allowed upstairs'. Then I was allowed up stairs because I looked pitifully at her when she left me at the stair gate. Then it was no dogs upstairs at night. That has lasted for 6 years. But lately they don't seen to have noticed that I have found a nice cosy place to lie beside their bed....a night! Ma did get very grumpy when I did lick her face in middle of the night to say 'hello', so I haven't tried it again! Next stage...ON the bed....but I feel that may take some time.... BOL! Westie kisses to you Hamish! Annie X

  2. Well done Amish. You did very well there. I must get some tips cos I am nivver goin upstairs

  3. AnnieBella, my mum did say no dawgies upstairs when I did 1st cum ere and I waz put in my crate at nite but then when I did hav an operashun *ahem* u no where, I culdn't get in the crate wiv my bonnet on, so I did get to sleep on the sofa wiv my blankie. Then they did tak the stair gate away, so I duz jus go up and down now wen I pleeze, but usually the doorz are shut and mum and dada are def wen they is going to sleep.
    I've not dun it since, but I will I am sure.
    Marlee, you duz ave to be kwick and look sad wen the oomans do say downstairs. Then they duz fall in luv wiv you when you do look sad and feel sorrie for you. That's how it works for me! xx