Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My first ever blog post

Ello, my name is Hamish the Westie. I am a nine month old West Highland White Terrier and I live in Gravesend, Kent which is in Engerland. Lots of my friends blog so I fort I would like to join in as I ave lots to say sometimes but no where to say it. I expect I will get better at this but for the moment I am a noobie.
So, today is Chewsday which is always a good day for chewing fings. I jus did try to chew mum's slipper but she cort me and gave me a biskwit in exchange for her slipper. I live wiv my mum and dada and two boys which mum sez are teenagers. One ov the teenagers duznt like me very much so i ave started to hignore him, but the ovver one likes me lots and I duz like him, I take him presents when he comes ome from school. I has a friend up the road wot is called Eddythemutt, he is big puppy wiv very long legs, like a great dane.
Fings I like: sitting on top ov the sofa looking at the world and waiting for passin puddy kats, ovver dogs and leafs. I duz get very eggscited when there are leafs on the drive. Sumtimes I get so eggcited I fall down off the sofa nearly to the floor but I duz hang on wiv my claws and mum duz rescue me and larfs. Uvver fings I like are diggin in the garden. I az got a sand pit where mum duz hide my toys and I duz dig em up again. Sometimes I duz dig oles in the grass and gets told off. :(
And also oles in the veg patch but there is no veg yet cos they duzzn't plant any yet. Anuvver fing I like is going on holidays to the local kennels which is where I haz been for the weekend cos mum and dada did go away wivout me and the teenagers. It is called The Nook and is near to where I duz live. I luv going there but am sad mum and dada do not stay wiv me. But they duz always cum back for me and we all get eggscited. Lots ov waggy tails and kisses and cuddlez.

I fink this is enuf for today, I only av little paws and it iz a lot to do, all this typin, so I sez bye bye for now and will be back tomorrow for more Hamish tails.


  1. HAMISH! I am laughing so very much. You are so funnie. Thank you! So u have the teenage 'boy thing' too? So you understand me! We have very much in common! Thank you for your blog.... Will you write again soon?! Lots of Licks AnnieBella Westie

  2. Hi Hamish! My name is Peppertheschnauser! I'm older than you (nearly 2) but still a pup at heart - mum says I'm very norty but I think I'm just playful! I live with mum and dad and two smaller fry at weekends - we live in Gloucester which mum says is the wettest city in the world!? I think that might be Atlantis though as mum doesn't have webbed feet - yet!

    Dad calls me the furry alarm clock so I try to live up to that and make sure I get mum and dad up just after daybreak - they are so grateful they shout with joy! I think......

    Puppy hugs and woofs

    Pepper xxx

  3. Ello AnnieBella, I give fanks to you cos I red your blog and fort it was a good idea to do my own. I am glad you like my blog and it made you larf, I duz lotz ov silly fings which make my mum and dada larf too. I will rite again tomorrow cos atm I am whining coz there iz a puddy kat across the road which duz not seem to know I am here. I am wagging my tail but he duzzn't see me. I iz standing on the window sill looking at him.
    Mum haz taken some pix of me doing norty fings in the garden and she will put them up soon.
    Lots ov waggie tails and woofs. xx

  4. Hello to you peppertheschnauaser, you haz a very long name. I duz fink you mite need a blog of your own coz you duz hav lotz to say as well and I would like to know more about you. One day we mite meet each uvver eh? Hope you keep reading my blog?
    Lots ov waggie tails and woofs to you. xx