Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Walkies to Jeskyns

Hellos to you all. Ere I iz again wiv lots to rite about. Today me and mum did go to Jeskyns Farm, which is a big park near our house but we duz go in the car to get there. Mum did take me to a different route today. We duz leave the car park and go on the orses track. Mum duzzn't usually take me that way cos I iz partial to a bit of orses poo for a snack. Mum didn't let me off the lead strait away coz I duz like running off and there waz a road the ovver side of the fence, she did wait til it was safe for me. Then I did be let off and did runz lotz and lotz. I did find orsez poo to eat, yum, yum. THEN I did find foxez poo to roll in, woohoo, I smelt gorgeous. Mum waz not appy and did say norty Hamish. We walked passt a orses field but there waz no orses to say ello to.
I ave to paws here and tell you wot I did a couple of weeks ago. We did go walkiez wiv my chum Eddythemutt (he is on Twitter sumtimes) in the park where there used to be an road but now is an park. The uvver side of the fence did look interesting so I did go under the fence onto some grass and mum did call me back but it did still look interesting so I ventured towards the road and mum did shout at me again but I did step into the road and then looked at my mum. She did look scared and then a big car did come and did swerve round me and mum did grab me and put me back on the lead. So that is why she duzzn't let me off the lead sumtimes, you can see why.

Mum did let me run for agez off the lead today but then she put me back on cos there waz uvver dogz about and I do hignore her calling me and do run off to play sumtimes. And she losez er voice when she callz me and I duz hignore er.
We walked for a long time then we did find the lake where I can go swimmin. There waz a duck there wich I had not seen before so I did watch in amazement when it did disappear under the water then popped up again in anuvver place. I did just do paddlin today not swimmin coz it waz a bit cold.

Anuvver paws now coz I need to tell you about my leg. I duz have an itchin on it and I duz pull the fur wiv my teef coz that makes it feel better. But mum sez I ave a chicken leg coz the leg duz look like a chicken's leg, all skinny and orrible. Mum duz have a spray from the vetz for it. When I haz been in water it duz look worse cos it iz more skinny than normal.

When we left the lake we did go up the ill and did passt sum labradors. Today was lab day at the park. Sumtimes it is westie day or collie day but today was lab day. Loadz and loadz of labradors everywhere. Didn't see no westies at all.
We did get back to the car and mum did pick me up to put me in the boot in my crate and did say Hamish you are all wet. Well I had been paddlin, wot did she eggspect?

Thatz all for today, tired paws again. Mum haz to work out how to put sum photos of me on ere. See you again tomorrow. Lots of waggy tails and woof woofs. xx

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  1. Ya funniee doggie. Ya do get up to some mischief! But don't go near that road again. I used to chew my paw too...and Ma and Pa told me not to. They said 'it is not a chicken drumstick Annie'. I s'pose it isn't really! So I did stop.... 'tis to do with my food...'no wheat' whatever that is. Write again soon Hamish. Westie tails wags to you, my furiend