Tuesday, 18 May 2010

aRRi tHe bOg.

I mus jus tell you bout aRRi. aRRi is the 1st dawgie my mum new wot culd tipe. aRRi did use to rite on the Daily Male forum. aRRi is a terrier az well but mum duz forget wot sort, he haz curly air lik an Airedale but iz not so big. aRRi tHe bOg did use to make evryone larf wen he did tipe. He waz and stil iz a funnie dawgie. He duz be talkin to me sumtimes on mum's FB page wen she duz addvertis my blog. But sumtimes he iz a bit rude but I duz forgive him that coz he iz older than me and I iz jus a puppie still. Hiz spellin iz not az good az mine tho.
But diz dawgie iz my ero, and if I duz meet im one day I duz fink we wuld like each uvver.

ETA: aRRi duz tell me he is a LaYKLuNd TeRRoR.

1 comment:

  1. Cheeky aRRi. He should mind his language in front of littlies! BOL! He sounds interesting sorta doggie... writing for Daily Mail.... you gonna tell us more...or....?! BOL