Friday, 7 May 2010

Pix of my walk in Ashenbank Woods

This is me doing sniffing under a tree, there is lots of nice smells.

In the woodz are lotz of fallen treez, and sumone did make stepz so oomans can climb over the treez coz they are not as good at jumping as I am. There are loadz like this in the woodz.

Here is me looking nice on one of the fallen down treez.

Here is my dada sitting on a tree which is made to look like a chair, it waz a bit wobbbly tho.

Finally here is one of me starting to swim in the pond.

It waz a nice walkiez today and made all the better coz dada did come wiv me and mum.

Mum duz say it haz taken her all afternoon to put those pix up, she iz not happy with how they do go on. :(

This afternoon, an auntie did park on our driveway wile she went to pick up grandkidz from school across the road. One grandson did come up to my winder and shout Hello Hamish fru the winder
and did make me jump and I did bark at him. He will be sorry if he duz that again!

Not many wordz today coz it took long time for mum to post the pix. Nom noms time now, then walkiez after. Waggie tails and woof woof from Hamish.


  1. Hamish you look great!!!!! I look a right scruff just now says mum - I am booked in for a naircut on Tuesday at a place called Scruffies lol I think mum picked it on purpose - she said I look like a bogbrush!!!!

    Your dad looks a bit wobbly on that chair!!

  2. I iz startin to look scruffy again. But mum duz like me like that so iz OK. She didn't like it much when I waz stripped and groomed.
    The chair did wobbble when dada got up! Will we get a pix when you haz had your aircut?

  3. Oh yes I luff posing!!! I'm a real showoff LOL Mum likes me scruffy too but I get too 'ot!!!! I've been lying down on the tiled floor lately to get cool.......

  4. Oh you are a cutie! Such lovely photos! My Ma will sympathise with yours over how complicated 'tis to put pics on. We appreciate the time it took. Took Ma all eve on my last but one blog! She says... did your Ma have to put the pics on in reverse order? That's only way my Ma can work it. ANYWAYS, beautiful woods, lovely walkies with your mum and dad. We are lucky lucky doggies to have such nice humans to look after us! Lots of Westie Hugs

  5. Pepper, I duz get too hot as well. I am looking forwood to your before and after pix.

    AnneBella, mum did say blumming heck or words to that effect several times. She did work out they haz to go on backwoods eventually but by then she was gettin fed up and did stop doin it.
    We iz lucky dawgies isn't we? I iz glad mum and dada did pick me. Westie hugs back to you both.