Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Chewsday again

Diz duz be me, in the garden under my fav plant wich mum sez iz called Broom. Not the sort of broom that I duz bite when dada is sweepin up.

Hello there evryone. I az not been ere for a week cos I haz been norty and mum duzzn't want to elp me tipe when I iz norty.

First I did chewz a toilet roll and then I did go walkies and roll in gorgeous smellie foxez poo, wich mum said was disgussting. She did barf me in the kitchen sink. Next day we duz go to different park and I duz esscape under the fence into a field and didnt go back to mum when she called me. I did after a little wile but she was cross. One day I did take the toilet brush and older out of the outside loo and did chew it up. Yesserday I did chew six toilet rolls up and left the mess over mum's bedroom flor for er to see how good I ad been. I az been doin lotz of chewing evry day.

Dada is buildin a fence in the garden to stop me going down the bottom by the gate, cos I duz chase the catz from next door down there, I duz dig up the veg patch and ide my bones in it, I duz do poo where dada bringz is bike in and he duz tread in it. Dada duznt be plesed wiv me wen I duz that. Mum duz wonder wen I am goin to grow up and stop being norty.

I duzzn't no duzz I?

Today I duz go to Jeskynz for walkiez. We duz walk along the orsses parf. No orsses poo today or orsses but we did see Max, wot is anuvver Westie and duz have westies on his pawsh collar. Larst time we saw Max waz about free monfs ago. Iz long time and he still duzzn't want to play wiv me!

There waz a Golden Retriever running free. I duzzn't know where his mum was. We did go to the lake and I duz go paddlin. There waz a ball in the lake but I waz on the leed so I culdnt get it.

I did see two beagle puppiez, a lab puppy, a mummy beagle, and a border collie when I waz goin to the car, they waz all togevver for their walkiez. I did bat thoze puppiez wiv my paw, coz they waz tooo eggscited for me. Duz this mean I am growing up?

I nearly forgot, mum did take me to the Pets at ome shop yesserday wiv yungest teenage boy. I duzzn't no why it iz called Petz at ome wen clearly we iz not at ome but in a shop! Mum duz buy me sum treatz wich I iz not allergic to, a new bag for my leed cos the uvver one duz brake any minute now, it duz old my poo bags and treatz in it and she duz luff me after all coz she duz buy me an engerland at wiv a skweeki in it. She duz want to bye me an bandana wiv Engeralnd on it, but teenage boy did say no, Hamish wuld look silly. I duzzn't fink I wuld. Prapz we get it next time.


  1. That's a very bizee week Amish. I dont fink is a problem wiv you chewin stuff cos iz good for your teef when they growin.

  2. Ha ha.... my funniee teenage boies say same things 'bout me having 'accessories'. I think we Westies are born for it and can carry it well! You are a funny boy doggie...all that chewing and stuff.... Tis just a distant haze in my Ma's memory when I did that sorta stuff! BOL a lot!