Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Macdonalds in the Park

Hellos to my followers. 'ere I iz again to tell you more about my life az a puppy. This morning mum and me did go to Jeskyns Farm. We did go yesserday az well but yesserday I waz a bit quiet and nervous so that waz why mum did not elp me blog, coz there waz nuffin to say. Today I was very excited, I duz not no why, I just feelz appy today.
Today waz Beagle day, I seed five of em today. No westies :( Sumtimes there is loadz of uz but not today. I did see some Marleyterrier lookalikez, one who iz called Dave. We duz ave a liddle dance about for a few mins then I duz go back to mum. I duz be walkin up the ill wiv mum when I duz see a beagle cumming towards me. I duz lie down coz I iz such a huge puppy I mite scare some liddle dawgies wiv my size. But wile I iz lieing there my nose duz tell me there is sumfing nice somewhere. I duz get up for a better look and dere it waz! Orsses Poo, a big fresh pile of it!!! Oooh yummy, I duz start a liddle bit of dribblin, it smellz so nice. But the beagle is dancin my way and iz looking for sum playtime. Wot to do? Duz I play and dance a liddle bit wiv the beagle or duz I jus dive rite in? I iz a liddle bit aware mum is sayin sumfing, sumfing that soundz like no but I iz sure she won't mind if I duz jus try a liddle bit?
The beagle did get in my way so we did have a liddle dance about but I waz more interested in the Orsses Poo so i duz sneak around the beagle and duz get a big mouful of poo and duz move back a liddle way to eat my prize! The beagle duz watch me and duz fink that lookz nice so he duz dive in for a mouful as well! Mum and the beagles man duz say Oh no and mum duz walk away a bit and duz call me. I duz look at mum and I duz look at the poo and I duz see mum is olding out a treat for me. I duz take one last look at the poo and duz run after mum for the treat. So den we walk to the top of the ill and down the uvver side. We duzz walk passt the sheepiez field where there iz no sheepiez now, just pretty flours and den I duz smell sumfing nice again and i duz no wot it iz and duz run off! Mum duz call me but i duzzn't take any notice cos there iz more fresh Orsses Poo over the uvver side. I duz dive in and duz take a mouful and den duz go runnin back to mum coz she iz callin me back wiv anuvver treat. Mum did sey it is like Macdonalds in the Park for you Hamish and den she did put me on lead coz she duzzn't want me runnin off again. I did see a liddle German Shepherd Puppy whose mum was on de phone and she waz shoutin loudly like dey did not ear her. The whole park could ear her! Then I did see a Golden retriever which waz white but it did not want to say ello to Hamish.

When we got ome I did go into the garden to check no puddy kats had been in wile I waz out. I did do runnins about wiv a squeakie toy and mum did frow it for me. Den she did the oovering wile I tried to elp by bitin the oover. Now it iz time for sleepiez on the sofa.

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  1. Oh you are so buzzzzy Hamish! 'MacDonald's In The Park' does sound fuuun.... I thiiiinnnnk! I is a girl westie and I don't like bad smells apart from 'Eau De Fox'. (I could roll in that forever)! You were such a good doggie to go back to your Mum and sounds like you saw lots of lovely doggies too! I love reading your bloggie. Next thing I need is for Ma to set up an 'alert' when you do new blog coz I missed you in the sand pit! BOL! Just off to read... Westie Waggy Tail. Annie X