Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It's been a while

It's been a while since I blogged. While I haz been away I have been lerning to spell. Maggie haz bean teaching me and I am getting betta.
Maggie duz be free munfs old now and she duz go on her walkiez wiv me. She duz hav an arness coz she pullz on her leed. Mum duz sey it duz remind er of babiez reinz! BOL. Mum and Dad went to bye er a cote larst week coz the wevver girl sez snow dis week! Mum wanted to bye Moo a nice brown and pink cote wiv pink fur round the coller but dad say no. They did bye her an red ranecote wiv tartan coller but it duz be way too small for er, she duz look like Batdog in it. Mum say Moo will have to wear my old tartan cote but it duz be too big for Moo and she look like she been cuddled up in a tartan rug! But she will hav to lump it, coz one day we did go out in rane and wind and Moo was shivvering when she got in car. Poor Moo.
We duz all call her Moo now, coz mum say she is MooMoo coz she duz daft fings. Like bark at nuffin. She duz also bark at Retrievers and Labradors at park and she duz arsk mum to pick er up wen they cum near but mum sez Moo must get used to dem!
Moo was supposed to be goin to Puppy Party dis week but it duz be cancelled cos the nurse wot do run it duz be leaving. Mum iz sad coz she said it waz good for me larst year and did make me not scared of uvver dogs. Mum say she mite find Puppy training instead.
Moo duz hav favrite gamez and toyz. Er favrite toy iz a ranedear wot did have wooly antlers but she pulled dem off. Her favrite game is hide behind sofa so liddle Hamish can't get er. She duz take toys round dere and hide dem and play wiv dem and I duz stand on the top of the sofa and wotch er. Sumtimez if we are playin she duz run round dere and I duz wate to see whitch end she duz cum out of and she duz cum creepin out but I iz waitin for er and duz pounce on er!
It duz be nice havin Moo ere. She duz like to play lotz of gamez but she duz steel my toyz for erself and take dem round the sofa. She duz growl at me az well but I haz started to growl at er now and she duzznt do it so much.
We duz play in the gardin in the mornins and she duz dig in the sand pit. She duz also elp me dig ole under swingy chair. She duz be good for fings like dat.
Did yoo see the pickture at the top? Maggie's ears are all the way up now and she duz look like proper Westie. She duz be in the woshin machine. Dad did put her in dere but he duzznt start it coz that wood be cruel. He jus take foto.
I duz rite a lot today. I mus stop now coz it duz be nap time for me and Moo.
Fanks for readin!


  1. Amish that was rilly good to ear about Moo and wot you haz been doin. We larffin at idea of you watchin the sofa to se wot end she come out of. I fink she do be comin along nicely and mum is doin sensible fings wiv her. Woof

  2. We are all laughing here Hamish! Maggie (Moo) is so funnie. Ya know wot? Maisie duz hide behind da sofa here too and den jump out and 'ambush' me! I duz have to give little growls now and again to let her know who's boss! She is a good playmate and I do love to have her too. Hee hee. We are lucky Westies eh? Lots of love AnnieB

  3. Hamish, you and Moo have been very busy! Its good that you are both learnin' from each other. This post gave me good chuckles too, my friend...I always enjoy hearin' 'bout what you're up to!
    xxx Oz