Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hello I is Maggie May

Hello there to all Hamish's followers. I is Maggie May, Hamish's new little sister. I thought I would introduce myself because I can see he has already written about me. He doesn't spell very well does he? As you can see I am more intelligent because already I am doing my toilet business in the garden and I am only nine weeks old. Mum says Hamish wasn't fully trained until he was about three months old. Well of course I have been copying him and I have seen him do all his business out there in that wilderness the humans say is a garden. So I just do the same and when I do my humans jump up and down and clap and say Yeah, well done Maggie Moo! They are a bit weird.
Even weirder is what they call me. My name is Maggie May but mum calls me Maggie Moo Moo, or Moo, or Moo Moo, or sometimes she calls me Moomin, what the heck is a Moomin?
Mum took me to the vets a couple of days after they brought me home from my old home in London. I lived there with my three brothers and two sisters and my mum, Paris. But two of my brothers left home before I did. When we went to the vets, I was all wriggly but she held me tight in a t0wel and didn't let me down on the ground. She said this was because I hadn't had my jabs yet. I wasn't sure what a jab was but I am very trusting and I know mum wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. We went in to a little room to see Vicki the vet and Vicki gave me a health check. Nearly everything was OK but in one of my eyes I have a thing. It looks like a burst blood vessel but is there all the time, it doesn't hurt me but Vicki said she will keep an eye on it. Anyway, she gave me a treat, it was huge and I did really only sniff it and then there was a little hurt on my back and mum said that was the jab. I guess it was OK but it did hurt a little bit. Mum said I have to have another one on 2 November and then a week after that I can go outside to walk on the pavement. Mum is looking forward to that and has been preparing me for that by buying me a new pink collar and matching lead and walking me round the wilderness with it. I don't like it much but she says it is for my own good.
Last week I learned how to make that loud noise that Hamish makes, barking mum calls it. I am not as loud as Hamish yet but I will be as soon as I grow up I am sure. Then we can do random barking together, what fun it will be!
I know that Hamish says he is patient with me but he does get a little cross with me sometimes. I take all his toys away from him and his bones and he tries to take them back again but I growl and bark at him to show him whose boss. I don't know why he thinks he is in charge! He has just started to growl back at me, so maybe he is in charge a little bit. I'll let him think that for a while.

I expect Hamish will let me write on HIS blog again soon, but I think that is enough for now, my little paws are tired.


  1. Hee hee! Hello Maggie May Moo! How lovely to hear how you are settling into your new home! You are very good to go outside so early. Hamish must be teaching you well! You look very very cute. Love AnnieB (your brofur's furiend and yours too now! BOL!) XXX

  2. I have heard lots about you Anniebella, thank you for leaving your paw print. Hamish says you are a great friend to him. xx

  3. Hello, little sistafur Maggie May! It is very nice to make your akwaintance! You seem to be learning doing very well, which is good! Keep it up.

    Oh, and just know that Hamish may get cross with you sumtimes, but it is only because he loves you so (tho I xpect he won't admit it just yet).

  4. Hi Hamish - congrads on your new little sister Maggie MOO - there is one thing I must warn you about is that little westie girls are alpha's so pretty soon you'll be taking orders from her. Just ask Julep who's in charge in this house - it isn't Derby no matter how hard he tries! I hope you're eye gets better.

    Look forward to seeing photo's of you as you grow.
    All the best, Katie - a westie mom

  5. Ello for you little Maggie. I ope we be makin friends wiv you like we haz done wiv Amish. Woof and welcome

  6. Hello my new little furiend Maggie May, you are a lovely little sistafur for Hamish. It be normal for him not to be ultra friendly my older sistafur do dat to me as well but now we be da bestest of buddies.
    Look forward to hearing more of your and Hamish's adventurers.

    BOL Baxter