Sunday, 17 October 2010

A week wiv my noo sista

I duz be livin wiv Maggie May for a week now and let me tell you, she duz get rite on my nerves sumtimes! I duz be havin snooze on the sofer or on my bed and she duz rush up to me, and bit my eerz! Or she duz bite my nose. If I am standin up she bitez my legz. The first few dayz she did look for milk. I jus duzzn't have eny coz I am a BOI! But it didnt stop er lookin! She did bite my willie wiv er sharp teef! I duz put up wiv er cos she is still liddle. But OMD sumtimes I duz hav to tell er wots wot in my ouse. She duz fink she can just walk in (or run in er case, she duzznt do walkin)and take ova. I duz tell her she duz hav her noms afta me and she duzzn't be aloud to jus take my toyz. But she duz have her noms first all the time and she takez my toys off me even if I am playing wiv dem. She duz also stalk me across the room, she finks she iz a kat! And she duz growl at me when I duz bite er on the leg or on her back. I duzzn't hert her but she duz sumtimes make a liddle yelp and mum and dada duz say Hamish you iz urting er. I duz try not to but I duz be bigga than her. My teef arnt as sharp as herz though. She duz urt me wen she bitez me but I duzznt yelp coz I duzznt want to get her in trubble.
I duz have sum nice bonez but she duz always take dem from me and eat them herself.
I duz be very pashunt wiv er cos she is still liddle. I duz be glad we haz er but she duz be a bit of a nooscance sumtimes!


  1. Boy, Hamish she does sound like a pawful! I do might thinx that she just be excited to have noo home and big brofur and that's why she is running and taking the toys! I thinx if you keep showing her 'the ropes' she will catch on and be better. Good luck!
    Your furiend...Oz

  2. Deer Hamish. You are being so pawshunt with Maggie May and I is so very impawssed. Deese littlies do be so 'noyin, I can see. You are being such a reely good big brofur! I sure she will get better. Keep up da good werk! Thank youse for writing 'bout your first week wiv Missy Maggy May. Love from your furiend AnnieB X

  3. Hi Hamish, me gunna defense for Maggy May. I is da little bruver of Jess and I know what your little sistafur be finking. She be so xcited to have such a cool big bruver as you dat she just be trying to fit in wif you and be your bestest mate. She just don't know how tooooo.
    I done did dis to Jess for bout 4 monfs before she truely accept me and now we bestest of buddies, most of da time. Sometimes me a bit to much of a puppy still so she just ignore me den.
    You sound like you be real tolerant to your sistafur and dat help you soon be run around play togetha soon.

    BOL Baxter

  4. I fink you is doin very well to be so payshunt my pal. I kno how anoying a little sister can be. Lola do fink she can be the bos of me but I do ave to tell her NO sumtimes