Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Noo Sista!

Mum and dada did get me a sista. They duz be lookin for agez and agez coz they did want a dawgie about my age and they did arsk the westie rescoo peeple but they did neva ring back and then they did find one dawgie on-line and did ring and email but they did not get back to mum or dada eivver. Then mum duz be lookin on-line and she duz sey to dada der is sum puppiez in East London for sale and dada sey duz yoo want to go and look and mum duz sey Yes. So they did go in the car and did leeve me at ome, I did jus go to sleep and wait for them to cum ome.
They duz be gone for a wile but I duz be sleepie so iz all rite.

Then they duz cum ome wiv a towell and I duz fink a towell? They duz buy me a noo towell? But mum duz open up the towell and inside duz be the teeniest liddle puppie I haz seen for agez!
They duz let me sniff er and lik er but they duz not like me playin wiv er cos they duz sey I am too ruff wiv er and she iz a babbie.
Dada sed they wood call er Maggie May wot do be a song by a scottish singer, so they duz be keepin the scottish feme.

She duz ave a big mouff wen she duz cry, she duz get louder and louder and then she duz go to sleep.

She duz get lotz of cuddlez from mum and dada but I iz still gettin my fare share.

Larts nite me and dada did sleep upstairs in comfort and mum and Maggie May did sleep downstairs, mum waznt in comfort, she waz on the sofur.
But tonite I fink Maggie duz be sleepin downstairs by erself.

I duz ave to go now coz she iz wondering over to my bed. I duz ope you all likw her?


  1. Hamish, your noo sistafur is precious! I do hopes you get to play more with her youz can teach her everything a good dog should know.
    Congratulations! Your furiend, Oz xxxxx

  2. I will be teechin er how to dig oles in the gardin, how to swim in the lake, how to make lotz of noise by barkin (she alreddy be growlin at me!), how to look out of the winder and see the leafs. It will be fun.

  3. Ooo Hamish yoos new sister is bootiful, and she is very lucky to haves yoo to look out for her!
    Mum says she remembers when I did come home first and da nights on the sofa and getting up.... yoos soon be able to shows Maggie May how its all done!

    Enjoy and have lots of fun, Missy x x