Friday, 28 May 2010


This duz be a picture ov me gettin into mischif!

Hellos to all my follerez an enyone else who dropz in for a kwick reed.
I mus apologize to you all, coz I ave not posted for neerly a week. This duz be coz mum haz been packin for our hollibobz. Yesss I do be goin on hollibobz wiv all my family and knot be goin to eny kenelz. We duz be goin in a minibuz to Norfumberland wich iz a loooooonnnnnggggggg way from our ouse. We haz got a minibuz coz sum twit did reverze into dada's car today (friday) at the tip and did do lotz of damagge. Dada waz very stresssed out. But inzurance companie did say u can ave anuvver car to go on your hollibobs. so now there duz be this biiigggg minibus outside our ouse waitin to be packed in the mornin.
Mum duz pak for me two tenniz ballz, sum treatz, my dinna food, bowlz, a towlle in case I duz go swimmin, my frizbe wich I duzzn't play wiv, but them teenagerz mite play wiv on the beech, poo bagz and I haz a new arness to strap me to the seatbelt so I can sit up the front wiv mum and dada. I duz fink it will be a goood hollibob. Grandad duz be goin az well, I duz luff grandad, but he did tell me off larst time I did see im, cos I did bit hiz finger and he said No Hamish! There duz be uvvers goin az well, like mumz bruvver and hiz wife and one ov their teenagerz and anuvver teenager and we duz be takin anuvver teenager az well, so there will be lotz of teenagerz. Praps I shuld take anuvver frizbe?
So I duz be seeeing you when I duz get bak, wich is next week. I will ave lotz to rite about I fink.
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee, xx

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nu Follower

I duz forget my mannerz befor and duz forget to say Hellos to my new Follower wot iz called Riley. Hellos Riley, I ope you duz lik my blog.

Sleepin wiv mum and dad

Hellos to you all. Today I duz be tellin you about larst nite. Mum and dada did go to bed and mum did leave me on the sofa like she duz evry nite but I duz fink I wood not like to be sleepin on my own so I duz go up the stairz and duz nock on the door ever so kwietly and mum duz ere me and duz open the door and whoosh I am strait under the bed! Mum duz talk to dada about me stayin and dada duz say to mum it is up to u. I duz get a bit worried at dis point coz mum is stricter than dada but mum duz say OK, so I no I is stoppin for the nite and duz not be on my own downstairz lik normal. So wen they did turn off the lite I duz sneak on to their bed and mum duz fidget and I duz fidget and we all getz comfy and duz go to sleep.
Then there waz a noize outside so I duz bark to tell mum and dada in caze it is a burglar. Wich duz wake them up and they duz say Hamish be kwiet but I duz not coz there is noizy peeple out there. They did talk and shout and slam car doorz for an hour and mum and dada duz not be appy. But soon it duz go kwiet and we duz all go back to sleep.
THEN at 5 firty, dada duz get me up for toilet business and duz make me stay on de sofa again and not go back to bed wiv mum. But I duz not mind coz I did get mi own way for a liddle time.
I will try again tonite but I duz fink I mite be pushin my luck!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

aRRi tHe bOg.

I mus jus tell you bout aRRi. aRRi is the 1st dawgie my mum new wot culd tipe. aRRi did use to rite on the Daily Male forum. aRRi is a terrier az well but mum duz forget wot sort, he haz curly air lik an Airedale but iz not so big. aRRi tHe bOg did use to make evryone larf wen he did tipe. He waz and stil iz a funnie dawgie. He duz be talkin to me sumtimes on mum's FB page wen she duz addvertis my blog. But sumtimes he iz a bit rude but I duz forgive him that coz he iz older than me and I iz jus a puppie still. Hiz spellin iz not az good az mine tho.
But diz dawgie iz my ero, and if I duz meet im one day I duz fink we wuld like each uvver.

ETA: aRRi duz tell me he is a LaYKLuNd TeRRoR.

Chewsday again

Diz duz be me, in the garden under my fav plant wich mum sez iz called Broom. Not the sort of broom that I duz bite when dada is sweepin up.

Hello there evryone. I az not been ere for a week cos I haz been norty and mum duzzn't want to elp me tipe when I iz norty.

First I did chewz a toilet roll and then I did go walkies and roll in gorgeous smellie foxez poo, wich mum said was disgussting. She did barf me in the kitchen sink. Next day we duz go to different park and I duz esscape under the fence into a field and didnt go back to mum when she called me. I did after a little wile but she was cross. One day I did take the toilet brush and older out of the outside loo and did chew it up. Yesserday I did chew six toilet rolls up and left the mess over mum's bedroom flor for er to see how good I ad been. I az been doin lotz of chewing evry day.

Dada is buildin a fence in the garden to stop me going down the bottom by the gate, cos I duz chase the catz from next door down there, I duz dig up the veg patch and ide my bones in it, I duz do poo where dada bringz is bike in and he duz tread in it. Dada duznt be plesed wiv me wen I duz that. Mum duz wonder wen I am goin to grow up and stop being norty.

I duzzn't no duzz I?

Today I duz go to Jeskynz for walkiez. We duz walk along the orsses parf. No orsses poo today or orsses but we did see Max, wot is anuvver Westie and duz have westies on his pawsh collar. Larst time we saw Max waz about free monfs ago. Iz long time and he still duzzn't want to play wiv me!

There waz a Golden Retriever running free. I duzzn't know where his mum was. We did go to the lake and I duz go paddlin. There waz a ball in the lake but I waz on the leed so I culdnt get it.

I did see two beagle puppiez, a lab puppy, a mummy beagle, and a border collie when I waz goin to the car, they waz all togevver for their walkiez. I did bat thoze puppiez wiv my paw, coz they waz tooo eggscited for me. Duz this mean I am growing up?

I nearly forgot, mum did take me to the Pets at ome shop yesserday wiv yungest teenage boy. I duzzn't no why it iz called Petz at ome wen clearly we iz not at ome but in a shop! Mum duz buy me sum treatz wich I iz not allergic to, a new bag for my leed cos the uvver one duz brake any minute now, it duz old my poo bags and treatz in it and she duz luff me after all coz she duz buy me an engerland at wiv a skweeki in it. She duz want to bye me an bandana wiv Engeralnd on it, but teenage boy did say no, Hamish wuld look silly. I duzzn't fink I wuld. Prapz we get it next time.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Anuvver pic of me

Ere is anuvver pic of me aving relaxayshuns on the grass. I'm probably finking about wot mischif I can do next.

Macdonalds in the Park

Hellos to my followers. 'ere I iz again to tell you more about my life az a puppy. This morning mum and me did go to Jeskyns Farm. We did go yesserday az well but yesserday I waz a bit quiet and nervous so that waz why mum did not elp me blog, coz there waz nuffin to say. Today I was very excited, I duz not no why, I just feelz appy today.
Today waz Beagle day, I seed five of em today. No westies :( Sumtimes there is loadz of uz but not today. I did see some Marleyterrier lookalikez, one who iz called Dave. We duz ave a liddle dance about for a few mins then I duz go back to mum. I duz be walkin up the ill wiv mum when I duz see a beagle cumming towards me. I duz lie down coz I iz such a huge puppy I mite scare some liddle dawgies wiv my size. But wile I iz lieing there my nose duz tell me there is sumfing nice somewhere. I duz get up for a better look and dere it waz! Orsses Poo, a big fresh pile of it!!! Oooh yummy, I duz start a liddle bit of dribblin, it smellz so nice. But the beagle is dancin my way and iz looking for sum playtime. Wot to do? Duz I play and dance a liddle bit wiv the beagle or duz I jus dive rite in? I iz a liddle bit aware mum is sayin sumfing, sumfing that soundz like no but I iz sure she won't mind if I duz jus try a liddle bit?
The beagle did get in my way so we did have a liddle dance about but I waz more interested in the Orsses Poo so i duz sneak around the beagle and duz get a big mouful of poo and duz move back a liddle way to eat my prize! The beagle duz watch me and duz fink that lookz nice so he duz dive in for a mouful as well! Mum and the beagles man duz say Oh no and mum duz walk away a bit and duz call me. I duz look at mum and I duz look at the poo and I duz see mum is olding out a treat for me. I duz take one last look at the poo and duz run after mum for the treat. So den we walk to the top of the ill and down the uvver side. We duzz walk passt the sheepiez field where there iz no sheepiez now, just pretty flours and den I duz smell sumfing nice again and i duz no wot it iz and duz run off! Mum duz call me but i duzzn't take any notice cos there iz more fresh Orsses Poo over the uvver side. I duz dive in and duz take a mouful and den duz go runnin back to mum coz she iz callin me back wiv anuvver treat. Mum did sey it is like Macdonalds in the Park for you Hamish and den she did put me on lead coz she duzzn't want me runnin off again. I did see a liddle German Shepherd Puppy whose mum was on de phone and she waz shoutin loudly like dey did not ear her. The whole park could ear her! Then I did see a Golden retriever which waz white but it did not want to say ello to Hamish.

When we got ome I did go into the garden to check no puddy kats had been in wile I waz out. I did do runnins about wiv a squeakie toy and mum did frow it for me. Den she did the oovering wile I tried to elp by bitin the oover. Now it iz time for sleepiez on the sofa.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Sand Pit

This iz my sand pit wot my dada did make for me so I can dig in there and not in the rest of the garden.

Pix of my walk in Ashenbank Woods

This is me doing sniffing under a tree, there is lots of nice smells.

In the woodz are lotz of fallen treez, and sumone did make stepz so oomans can climb over the treez coz they are not as good at jumping as I am. There are loadz like this in the woodz.

Here is me looking nice on one of the fallen down treez.

Here is my dada sitting on a tree which is made to look like a chair, it waz a bit wobbbly tho.

Finally here is one of me starting to swim in the pond.

It waz a nice walkiez today and made all the better coz dada did come wiv me and mum.

Mum duz say it haz taken her all afternoon to put those pix up, she iz not happy with how they do go on. :(

This afternoon, an auntie did park on our driveway wile she went to pick up grandkidz from school across the road. One grandson did come up to my winder and shout Hello Hamish fru the winder
and did make me jump and I did bark at him. He will be sorry if he duz that again!

Not many wordz today coz it took long time for mum to post the pix. Nom noms time now, then walkiez after. Waggie tails and woof woof from Hamish.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

In the snow in January

Duz you remember when we had all that snow? There was loads of it and here I am wearing my fur lined raincoat wot duz have pockets which you can't open, what is the point of that? I was only liddle then, about 5 months old.

Hamish duz do swimmin

Hellos to you my luffly followers, today is Fursday. It is nice that two days of the week are dedicated to animals - Chewsday and Fursday. :D BOL
Today I did go to Pets at Home, where a Weinmarner did bark at me when I waz tryin to say Hellos and a lady did give me an chew. Mum did bye me sum more food and sum treatz and sum bonez which I cannot chew, I jus make dem soggy.
Mum did put me back in my crate in the boot in her car and we did go do sum drivin in the sunshine to Ashenbank Woodz which is in Cobham. I had not been there before but it was nice walkiez thru the woodz. Mum forgot her camera but we are going again cos she wantz to take pix of bluebells which iz in the woodz. We did walk a long way and then we did find some dawgies swimmin in a pond! I did jump in and did get very wet. Then I did get out and walk fru sum mud so I waz dirty as well. Mum did talk to man there while I did runnin around and paddling wiv man's dog which waz a boxer crossed wiv a staffie, it waz a biiiiggg dog but very friendly. There waz a border collie swimmin as well but passt eggsperience has showed me that Border Collies duzzn't like liddle Hamish's much so I did not go near dat one. Then we did come ome and mum did dry me wiv a towl while I tried my best to eat it.
Oh that duz reminds me of last nite. I did go walkiez round the block wiv mum and I did find on the pavement a dead baby bird, which I did try to eat but mum did make me spit it out and sed it was bad for me. Last time I did ave a bird for my dinner I was very ill and had to go to the vetz. :( Vetz did give me an injecshun in my neck which I duzzn't like. I must learn not to eat birdiez. I duz like tissues and any old fing which is lurkin on the pavement. I duz get told to drop and leave then I get a treat when I duz do that.
Mum duz give me lotz of treatz if I duz do az I iz told. :D BOL.

When Mum and dada did go to vote at some old elecshun this morning, I did go into their bedroom and did pull everyfing out of the bin and did chew it even tho it wazn't Chewsday. They used to ave a stair gate on dem stairs but when I went to The Nook last week they took it away and haven't put it back again. I duz be good boy at night and duz jus lay on the sofa and sleep, I duzzn't go up the stairs and knock on their door. But when dey is out, it's anuvver fing altogevver. Then it is time to eggsplore. But mum duz shut all the doors up there so I can't investigate. Dada did leave the bedroom door open cos he forgot about me. So I did go do some investigating wile they waz out. Dada did tell me off when they came back. He sed Oh Hamish, wot ave you done? And I did look pretty and nicely at him. Then he did sit on the floor and pick up all the nice chewie fings so I did fink it was time to play and did try and play wiv him but he just say Norty boy. Then he did play fings wiv his hand and I nose it was Ok again. So I'z not in lotz of trubble just a liddle bit.

Mum is still sad about de puddy kat, coz it waz a speshul one and waz much loved by her friend Sue.

That's all for today my furiends. See you tomorrow with more adventures of Hamish

Sad day

Mum duz be sad today because her friend's puddy kat, Piglet did get runned over. Dis has made mum cry. She will be back to helping me type when she feels better.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Thank you

I duz jus want to be saying Thank you to my followerz. I ope I duz keep you up to date wiv my puppy life.
The picture is of me opening my first Christmas pressie last year.

Putting photos on

Mum is trying to do the photos so this is a test run. Opefully she will learn to do it ok.
The picture is of Jeskyns Farm in the snow last December.

Walkies to Jeskyns

Hellos to you all. Ere I iz again wiv lots to rite about. Today me and mum did go to Jeskyns Farm, which is a big park near our house but we duz go in the car to get there. Mum did take me to a different route today. We duz leave the car park and go on the orses track. Mum duzzn't usually take me that way cos I iz partial to a bit of orses poo for a snack. Mum didn't let me off the lead strait away coz I duz like running off and there waz a road the ovver side of the fence, she did wait til it was safe for me. Then I did be let off and did runz lotz and lotz. I did find orsez poo to eat, yum, yum. THEN I did find foxez poo to roll in, woohoo, I smelt gorgeous. Mum waz not appy and did say norty Hamish. We walked passt a orses field but there waz no orses to say ello to.
I ave to paws here and tell you wot I did a couple of weeks ago. We did go walkiez wiv my chum Eddythemutt (he is on Twitter sumtimes) in the park where there used to be an road but now is an park. The uvver side of the fence did look interesting so I did go under the fence onto some grass and mum did call me back but it did still look interesting so I ventured towards the road and mum did shout at me again but I did step into the road and then looked at my mum. She did look scared and then a big car did come and did swerve round me and mum did grab me and put me back on the lead. So that is why she duzzn't let me off the lead sumtimes, you can see why.

Mum did let me run for agez off the lead today but then she put me back on cos there waz uvver dogz about and I do hignore her calling me and do run off to play sumtimes. And she losez er voice when she callz me and I duz hignore er.
We walked for a long time then we did find the lake where I can go swimmin. There waz a duck there wich I had not seen before so I did watch in amazement when it did disappear under the water then popped up again in anuvver place. I did just do paddlin today not swimmin coz it waz a bit cold.

Anuvver paws now coz I need to tell you about my leg. I duz have an itchin on it and I duz pull the fur wiv my teef coz that makes it feel better. But mum sez I ave a chicken leg coz the leg duz look like a chicken's leg, all skinny and orrible. Mum duz have a spray from the vetz for it. When I haz been in water it duz look worse cos it iz more skinny than normal.

When we left the lake we did go up the ill and did passt sum labradors. Today was lab day at the park. Sumtimes it is westie day or collie day but today was lab day. Loadz and loadz of labradors everywhere. Didn't see no westies at all.
We did get back to the car and mum did pick me up to put me in the boot in my crate and did say Hamish you are all wet. Well I had been paddlin, wot did she eggspect?

Thatz all for today, tired paws again. Mum haz to work out how to put sum photos of me on ere. See you again tomorrow. Lots of waggy tails and woof woofs. xx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My first ever blog post

Ello, my name is Hamish the Westie. I am a nine month old West Highland White Terrier and I live in Gravesend, Kent which is in Engerland. Lots of my friends blog so I fort I would like to join in as I ave lots to say sometimes but no where to say it. I expect I will get better at this but for the moment I am a noobie.
So, today is Chewsday which is always a good day for chewing fings. I jus did try to chew mum's slipper but she cort me and gave me a biskwit in exchange for her slipper. I live wiv my mum and dada and two boys which mum sez are teenagers. One ov the teenagers duznt like me very much so i ave started to hignore him, but the ovver one likes me lots and I duz like him, I take him presents when he comes ome from school. I has a friend up the road wot is called Eddythemutt, he is big puppy wiv very long legs, like a great dane.
Fings I like: sitting on top ov the sofa looking at the world and waiting for passin puddy kats, ovver dogs and leafs. I duz get very eggscited when there are leafs on the drive. Sumtimes I get so eggcited I fall down off the sofa nearly to the floor but I duz hang on wiv my claws and mum duz rescue me and larfs. Uvver fings I like are diggin in the garden. I az got a sand pit where mum duz hide my toys and I duz dig em up again. Sometimes I duz dig oles in the grass and gets told off. :(
And also oles in the veg patch but there is no veg yet cos they duzzn't plant any yet. Anuvver fing I like is going on holidays to the local kennels which is where I haz been for the weekend cos mum and dada did go away wivout me and the teenagers. It is called The Nook and is near to where I duz live. I luv going there but am sad mum and dada do not stay wiv me. But they duz always cum back for me and we all get eggscited. Lots ov waggy tails and kisses and cuddlez.

I fink this is enuf for today, I only av little paws and it iz a lot to do, all this typin, so I sez bye bye for now and will be back tomorrow for more Hamish tails.